Thursday, May 17, 2012

Directions function on Google Maps stopped in Vietnam | Look At Vietnam

Directions function on Google Maps stopped in Vietnam

May 18, 2012
LookAtVietnam – Users have been unable to use the Directions feature provided by Google Maps on their cell phones and tablets in Vietnam for the last couples of days.
It is said that Google has deactivated all of the APIs, which is related to the directions feature of Google Maps. This service has also stopped on devices running with Android, iPad, iPhone, Symbian and computers.
Attempts to use the feature, which shows users directions between their specified departure and destination via Google Maps, have been met with a message saying “No route found”.
Meanwhile, tests via computer show that Google Maps only pinpoints the two specified places on the map, rather than showing the directions connecting the two.
This function has also stopped operating in 55 countries in the world.
Local users have been discussing on online forums the reason why the service has been cut, while Google has yet to release any official response. Some said that perhaps Google is upgrading its system.
Google Maps began providing the Directions feature in Vietnam in January 2010.

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