Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rail fares to increase by 12 percent | Look At Vietnam

Rail fares to increase by 12 percent

May 18, 2012
Train fares will increase by 12 per cent on an average from May 15 to September 4, 2012, announced Vietnam Railways on May 14.

For instance, the
price of a soft bed in an air-conditioned coupe on the North-South train
route will go up by 13 per cent while a hard seat without
air-conditioning will go up by 15 per cent. Other seats will go up by 12
per cent.

Moreover, fare for a soft
seat in an air-conditioned carriage on the high quality train SE3/4 will
be VND1,200,000 (US$57.6) and will be different for carriages on the
rest of the train.

The lowest price on the Thong Nhat train TN1 will be VND530,000 and the highest VND1,300,000.
Standing seat prices,
passengers’ premium, luggage shipping rates and free discount tickets
for beneficiaries of social policies apply under the current rules.

During this time, the
company will not discount for collective tickets. Moreover, it will not
conduct deduction for returning tickets or changing tickets which are
around 20 per cent.

The Railways announced
reduction in prices for beneficiaries of social policies as follows:
people about sixty years of age will enjoy a 20 per cent discount; hero
mothers will get a 90 per cent reduction while wounded soldiers and
disadvantaged students from special schools will be offered 10 per cent

Children less than five
years of age with height under 1.05 metres will enjoy exemption of fares
while children from five to 10 years of age will get a 50 per cent

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