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Vietnam travel agencies join Cambodia Sea Festival

Vietnam travel agencies join Cambodia Sea Festival
Posted: 14 Dec 2014 02:18 AM PST
An art performance at the festival (Photo: VNA)
Vietnamese tourist companies joined foreign partners at the third Sea Festival held in Cambodia on December 12-14.
The festival took place in the coastal city of Koh Kong , about 250km southwest of the capital Phnom Penh, with the aim of developing the local marine tourism
Tens of thousands of visitors were drawn to the event which covered a food expo, a trade fair, a workshop on climate change, art performances, and sports events.
The first Sea Festival was held in the port city of Sihanoukville in 2011 and the second in Kep city last year.
The three cities are home to beaches listed among the most beautiful coasts in the world.
Tourism is one of the economic spearheads of Cambodia with the stable growth of 15-20 percent, making great contributions to the domestic gross production.
In January-October, Cambodia welcomed 3.6 million foreign tourists, a year-on-year rise of 6 percent. Vietnam topped the list with about 630,000 arrivals.
Last year, the country greeted 4.2 million overseas visitors and earned 2.6 billion USD in revenue.-VNA

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Typhoon Hagupit locates 570 kilometers of Song Tu Tay Island — TalkVietnam

The National Hydrology Meteorology Forecast Center reported that at 7pm yesterday, super storm Hagupit was centered 570 kilometers of Song Tu Tay Island of Vietnam’s Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelago east northeastwards, at 13, 6 degrees north latitude and 119 degrees east longitude with its strongest wind speed near the center at level 8, gusted up to level 9- 10.


(Photo: the National Hydrology Meteorology Forecast Center )
By 7pm today, the typhoon is predicted to be located 190 kilometers of Song Tu Tay Island, at 13, 2 degrees north latitude and 113, 8 degrees east longitude. The strongest wind will reach at level 6- 7, near the center gust up to level 8- 10, sea rough.

In next 24- 48 hours, the storm Hagupit will move west southwestwards at maximum speed of 20 kilometers an hour; and then it will be weaken into tropical low pressure. By 7pm on Thursday, Hagupit will be at 12, 1 degrees north latitude and 109, 7 degrees east longitude in Vietnam’s territorial waters from Khanh Hoa to Ninh Thuan. The strongest wind near low pressure zone will meet level 6- 9.

Because of the influence of storm and a cold front, East Sea will have strong wind of level 6- 10, sea rough, which will cause heavy rains in the south and central coastal provinces on Thursday

Typhoon Hagupit locates 570 kilometers of Song Tu Tay Island — TalkVietnam

The world community supports Vietnam’s fight against HIV/AIDS — TalkVietnam

The Chairman of the National Steering Committee on HIV/AIDS, drug abuse and prostitution, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam, has met Ambassadors and heads of international organizations who have sponsored Vietnam’s HIV/AIDS control efforts.


At an annual reception in Hanoi on Tuesday, the Deputy Prime Minister said he hoped for even more support for Vietnam: “Compulsory detoxification centers will comply with recommendations by international organizations for protecting patients’ rights. It’s important to help them reintegrate into the community after detoxification. I call for international support in financing and also in conducting constructive and humanitarian dialogues.”

International donors praised the government’s achievements in the fight against HIV/AIDS and drug abuse and pledged more support in helping Vietnam confront the challenge.

The world community supports Vietnam’s fight against HIV/AIDS — TalkVietnam

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Top 10 famous bridges in Vietnam — TalkVietnam

The Vietnam Record Centre (Vietking) has announced Top 10 famous bridges that attract domestic and foreign visitors and photographers.

Long Bien Bridge (Hanoi)

Long Bien Bridge was designed by world renowned engineer Gustave Eiffel, who was also the designer of the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris. It was constructed between 1899 and 1902 and first opened to traffic in 1903. At the time it was then the only bridge spanning the Red River connecting Hanoi and Haiphong port city.


The 116-year-old bridge spans three centuries and is considered an important and central part of Hanoi’s development and history.

The steel structure witnessed the withdrawal of French troops from Hanoi and welcomed Vietnamese soldiers to liberate the capital in 1954. It was also severely damaged by fierce American bombardments during wartime.

Vinh Tuy Bridge (Hanoi)

The bridge partly opened to traffic in September 2009 after the construction of key parts completed, helping ease traffic jam in Chuong Duong bridge and connecting roads.


As one of the seven bridges spanning over the Red River in the master plan of the capital city by 2020, Vinh Tuy bridge has been recognised as a high-quality project to celebrate the 1,000 th anniversary of Thang Long-Hanoi.

The bridge is 15 kilometres long with 3.7 km-river-spanning section.

Pa Uon bridge (Son La province)


Pa Uon bridge, located in the northern mountainous province of Son La, has the main pillar of 98.6m high, the highest one in the country and Southeast Asia.

The bridge is put into operation in August 2010.

Bai Chay Bridge (Quang Ninh province)

The main bridge is 903m long and 25.3m wide, with a clearance height of 50m, allowing 50,000-tonne vessels to pass through.


Spanning the Cua Luc Straits in Ha Long City and connecting Bai Chay with Hon Gai, the bridge facilitates traffic on National Highway No. 18, which links Ha Long City and Hanoi, and is expected to boost the economy of not only Quang Ninh but also the northern port city of Haiphong and Hanoi.

It was put into use in December 2006.

Cau Rong (Dragon) Bridge (Danang City)

Cau Rong (Dragon) Bridge on the Han River in Danang features 166 metres of undulating steel in the shape of a giant fire-breathing dragon flying towards the East Sea.


The main span of the 37.5m-wide bridge is bookended by two 128m side sections, with the dragon’s head and tail on each end of them. The whole structure weighs 8,164 tonnes and stretches 666m in length.

With unique aesthetic and creative characteristics, the bridge won the Diamond Award in the 2014 Engineering Excellence Awards (EEA) in the structural systems category.

After opening to traffic in March 2013, the Dragon Bridge has become one of Danang’s symbols and key tourist attractions.

Thuan Phuoc Bridge (Danang City)

Thuan Phuoc Bridge, the longest cable-stayed bridge in Vietnam, includes four lanes, a main span of 650 meters and two approaches of 600 meters each.


The bridge was constructed with a total invested capitalisation of VND1 trillion.

It ensures 27 meters of clearance for vessels on the river below and safety in strong storms and floods.

Thi Nai Bridge (Binh Dinh province)

Thi Nai Bridge in the central coastal province of Binh Dinh is the longest cross-bay bridge in Vietnam, spanning nearly 7km.


Nestled amidst the mystical beauty of Thi Nai Lagoon and Phuong Mai Peninsula, Thi Nai Bridge links the city of Qui Nhon to Nhon Hoi Economic Zone. It is not solely for transportation purpose but serves as an enticing tourist spot in Binh Dinh province.

Phu My Bridge (Ho Chi Minh City)

Phu My is the largest cable-stayed bridge in Ho Chi Minh City, linking District 2 and District 7 with a capacity of 100,000 vehicles per day.


The cable-stayed part over the Saigon River is 705 m long (380 m main span) and 27.5 m wide, supporting six traffic lanes: two in each direction for motor-vehicles, one for motorbikes and bicycles and a 1,5 m-wide pavement for pedestrians.

It has total investment capitalisation of VND2.076 billion.

My Thuan Bridge (Vinh Long province)

My Thuan is a cable-stayed bridge over the Mekong river, connecting Cai Be District of Tien Giang province with Vinh Long City in Vinh Long province.


It was developed in a joint venture between the governments of Australia and Vietnam. The bridge was the largest overseas assistance project undertaken by the Australian government costing AUD1 million.

It was built by Bilfinger Berger and completed in 2000.

Can Tho Bridge (Can Tho City)

Can Tho is a cable-stayed bridge over the Hau (Bassac) River – the largest distributary of the Mekong River in the southern city of Can Tho. The bridge has six lanes measuring 23m in width, with 4 lanes for traffic and two for pedestrians.


Inaugurated in 2010, Can Tho Bridge is the longest main span (550m) bridge in Southeast Asia, with construction cost of VND4.842 trillion (roughly US$342.6 million), making it the most expensive bridge in Vietnam

Top 10 famous bridges in Vietnam — TalkVietnam

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Children - Vietnamese

Children respond to my request. 1  2   3 JUMP!!

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Miss Vietnam contestants shine in bikini — TalkVietnam

Miss Vietnam contestants shine in bikini — TalkVietnam

Miss Vietnam contestants shine in bikini


(VOV) -The 38 contestants qualifying for the 2014 Miss Vietnam pageant showed off their beauty in their sexy bikinis at Tranh stream on Phu Quoc island.

During their picnic to Tranh stream, which is a perfect backdrop for them to show beauty in swimsuits, the Miss Vietnam contestants posed for photos and participated in video clips to disseminate information on environment, sea and island protection.

After their photo shoots in Tranh stream, the 38 contestants will move to Doi Moi (turtle) island for more video clips.

Some images of Miss Vietnam contestants at Tranh stream:















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Smuggling a ‘national disease’ — TalkVietnam

Smuggling a ‘national disease’ — TalkVietnam

VietNamNet Bridge – Smuggling had become a national disease and operations had become increasingly complex, Nguyen Trong Tin, deputy head of the Market Watch Department.

Agencies investigating smugglers have dealt with 146,000 cases so far this year, collecting about VND9 trillion in tax and VND500 billion in confiscated goods.- Photo nld
Agencies investigating smugglers have dealt with 146,000 cases so far this year, collecting about VND9 trillion in tax and VND500 billion in confiscated goods.- Photo nld
Tin, who was speaking at a forum organised by the Government’s web portal, said staff shortages and outdated equipment had made it difficult for agencies to combat smugglers.

However, he promised that stronger efforts would be made.

Agencies investigating smugglers have dealt with 146,000 cases so far this year, collecting about VND9 trillion (US$424 million) in tax and VND500 billion ($23.8 million) in confiscated goods, according to a report from the National Steering Committee on Combating Smuggling, Commercial Fraud and Counterfeit Goods.

“We do not have enough people to fight the smugglers,” Tin said. “The staff has been spread too thin across a vast border area. There are thousands and thousands of paths and alleys smugglers can take. Most teams only have three to five members, use outdated cars and equipment.”

Tin said smugglers often took advantage of ineffective relations among agencies and at the local level to transport goods.

Nguyen Van Can, deputy head of Viet Nam Customs and chief of the secretariat of the steering committee, said that In coming months, sectors and ministries dealing with smugglers would increase inspections in hot-spot provinces, especially as the Lunar New Year draws near.

He said local officials and police must bear some responsibility when a high number of smugglers transport goods through their region.

Vu Van Cuong, chairman of the Viet Nam Tobacco Association, said the country was becoming a hotspot for cigarette smuggling. He predicted it would cost the State VND8 trillion ($377 million) in lost taxes this year.

“Tobacco smuggling can generate profits 30 times higher than selling domestic cigarettes,” Cuong said. “It affects the entire industry, which includes about five million workers.”

Cuong said the Government wanted to put a 65 per cent consumption tax on cigarettes, aiming to earn more from their sale and discourage use. However, consumers can buy smuggled cigarettes for less.

He called on the Fund for Prevention and Control of Tobacco Harm, which operates on contributions from tobacco manufacturers, to finance more equipment for fighting tobacco smuggling.

Tobacco manufacturers have also provided financial support for authorities to destroy smuggled cigarettes.

Under current rules, smugglers will face criminal charges if they are caught transporting 1,500 cigarette packets or more. However, many split their goods into smaller portions, making it difficult to charge them.


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Vietnam artists to support half-Vietnamese survival of ferry disaster in Korea show — TalkVietnam

Vietnam artists to support half-Vietnamese survival of ferry disaster in Korea show

Posted: 27 Sep 2014 04:29 AM PDT
Around 30 Vietnamese artists will be in South Korea next month to join a four-day program to support the Vietnamese community in the East Asian country, particularly a half-Vietnamese girl who survived the tragic Sewol ferry disaster in April.


They include singers Thu Minh, Hoang Hai, Truc Nhan, Trang Phap, cai luong (a kind of Vietnamese traditional music) artist Que Tran, and the artist delegation from the Vietnam Contemporary Art Theatre.

The program, running from October 1 to 4, aims at establishing an aid society to support Kwon Ji Yeon, the five-year-old passenger rescued from the Sewol ferry that sank off South Korean coast on April 16.

Kwon was born to a Vietnamese mother and a South Korean father who died in the accident with her older brother. The Sewol ferry disaster killed more than 290 people.

The program is one of the major activities of a series to celebrate the 22nd year anniversary of the Vietnam – South Korean relation.

The main show of the program, slated to take place on September 3 at Hong Seong City in Chung Cheong Nam District, is expected to be broadcast on Vietnam Television on November 9, and in South Korea the same month.

The show director Oh Hyung Jick has expressed his appreciation of Vietnamese artists since they do not receive any payment for their performance.

This is the second time the show is hosted in South Korea, after last year’s event, which caught attention from the Vietnamese community in the country.

Both shows are intended to help Vietnamese people living in Korea ease the nostalgia for their homeland.

There are around 230,000 Vietnamese people living in Korea, including about 70,000 Vietnamese wives of local men.

The performances also hope to help children who were born to Vietnamese – Korean parents understand more about Vietnamese culture.
Vietnam artists to support half-Vietnamese survival of ferry disaster in Korea show — TalkVietnam

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Vietnam to verify report of China’s field measurement in Hoang Sa — TalkVietnam

Vietnam to verify report of China’s field measurement in Hoang Sa

Posted: 08 Aug 2014 04:46 AM PDT
Vietnam will verify the information that China is making field measurement in Vietnam’ Hoang Sa (Paracel) archipelago, but all of the Chinese activities there are illegal and invalid, the Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Le Hai Binh said on Thursday.

>> Vietnam President asks northern island soldiers to be ready in all circumstances

Binh made the statement at a press conference the ministry organized in Hanoi when asked by reporters about Vietnam’s reaction to the information on China’s Nanhai Maritime Safety Administration having finalized its field measurement survey on five islands of the archipelago to look for suitable sites for the construction of lighthouses.

“Vietnamese competent agencies are actively verifying this information. However, we have repeatedly affirmed Vietnam’s indisputable sovereignty over Hoang Sa and Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelagoes. Therefore, all Chinese activities in the two groups of islands are null and void,” Binh said.

The spokesperson was also asked about Vietnam’s response to a report that China will use a deep-water vessel, HYSY 721, to carry out a geological survey and oil and gas exploration activities in the East Vietnam Sea.

In reply, Binh stressed that all activities conducted by any parties concerned in the East Vietnam Sea should comply with international law, especially the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), and should respect the sovereignty, sovereign rights and jurisdiction of coastal countries.

At another press briefing in Hanoi on July 31, Binh also emphasized that all actions of any parties in the sea area must be in line with international law, and that all parties should not take any action that complicates the present situation and affects peace, stability, security and the safety of both navigation and aviation in the area.

The Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has repeatedly affirmed that Vietnam has full historical and legal evidence to prove its sovereignty over Hoang Sa and Truong Sa.

Hoang Sa is an island district of the central Vietnamese city of Da Nang while Truong Sa is also an island district of south-central Khanh Hoa Province.Vietnam will verify the information that China is making field measurement in Vietnam’ Hoang Sa (Paracel) archipelago, but all of the Chinese activities there are illegal and invalid, the Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Le Hai Binhsaid on Thursday.

>> Vietnam asks all parties in East Sea to observe int’l law >> Vietnam shouldn’t postpone legal fight against China till tomorrow: expert >> Int’l seminar on East Vietnam Sea disputes held in southern metropolis”></a><p class=>> Vietnam asks all parties in East Sea to observe int'l law >> Vietnam shouldn't

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Cambodia welcomes 2.2 million foreign arrivals in H1 — TalkVietnam

Cambodia welcomed 2.2 million foreign visitors in the first six months of 2014, up 5.2 percent over the same period last year, according to statistics from the Cambodian Tourism Ministry.

The Southeast Asian country is expect to receive 4.6 million foreign arrivals this year to enjoy a rise of 10 percent over 2013, Cambodian Minister of Tourism Thong Khon was quoted as saying.

By 2020, the figure is hoped to reach 8 million, helping Cambodia earn a revenue of about 5 billion USD from tourism, he added.

The statistics also showed that Vietnam, China and the Republic of Korea were the largest markets of Cambodian tourism sector.

In recent years, tourism has been one of the four major pillars of the Cambodian economy, contributing about 16 percent to the country’s GDP.

Last year, Cambodian tourism sector earned 2.5 billion USD from serving 4.2 foreign arrivals.-VNA

Cambodia welcomes 2.2 million foreign arrivals in H1 — TalkVietnam

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Quang Ninh bestows ‘Tourism Beach’ title on two destinations — TalkVietnam

Quang Ninh Province has recognised Soi Sim beach in Ha Long Bay and Tra Co beach in Mong Cai town as meeting standards required for tourism.


Tra Co beach (Source: dulichgo)

It now requires local authorities to display “Tourism Beach” signs and enforce rules specific to such beaches.

Both have soft sand, reliable security and rescue systems, and well-trained service teams.

The Quang Ninh Province Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has also been tasked with organising a provincial tourism logo and slogan contest in co-operation with the local Literature and Arts Association.

The department hopes to hold the contest this year with assistance from marketing consultancies.

(Viet Nam News)

Quang Ninh bestows ‘Tourism Beach’ title on two destinations — TalkVietnam

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Workshop reviewing Vietnam’s victory in the Tonkin Gulf Event convenes — TalkVietnam

(VOVworld)- A workshop reviewing Vietnam’s victory in the Tonkin Gulf event 50 years ago was held in Hai Phong on Wednesday attracting the participation of several army generals, scholars and military researchers. Presentations at the workshop clarified the US imperialists’ conspiracy and hostility in setting up the Tonkin Gulf Event attempting to expand the air and naval warfare to the north and deploy American expeditionary soldiers to southern Vietnam. The presentations also highlighted the outstanding leadership and strategic vision of the Communist Party of Vietnam and President Ho Chi Minh in countering the American aggressors’ provocations and escalating invasion. The participants praised Vietnamese people’s strong determination to defend the northern region and highlighted the significance of the victory. Lessons on strategic leadership and measures to mobilize the mass of people to national defence learned from this event were also discussed at the workshop, which was organized by the Navy Service, Air Defense-Air Force Service and the Institute of Vietnamese Military History.

Workshop reviewing Vietnam’s victory in the Tonkin Gulf Event convenes — TalkVietnam

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First motorbike swap meet to open in Vietnam — TalkVietnam

First motorbike swap meet to open in Vietnam

(VOV) -Motorcycle enthusiasts will have the chance to touch, see and feel the merchandise, or just chat with experienced motorcyclists about the hobby when a bike swap meet is due to open in HCM City later this month.

The event, dubbed “Silk Road Flea Market“, is expected to attract at least 300 vendors setting up kiosks and stands of all kinds bartering and selling used motorbikes, parts and bike related paraphernalia.


At the 4,200 square meter market, bikers will have a chance to collect old items from classic motorcycles such as handbrakes, wheels and headlights, which most often can be found only in antique shops.

To display or exchange components and vehicles at the market, participants can send their item’s images via email Registration is free of charge.

The market, the first of its kind in Vietnam, is part of this year’s Vietnam Motorbike Festival 2014 set to kick off in Ho Chi Minh City on July 27.

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Central destinations attractive to tourists — TalkVietnam

Central destinations attractive to tourists

The flow of tourists to major destinations in central provinces continued to grow in the first six months of this year.

Khanh Hoa province, home to the popular beach resort city of Nha Trang, welcomed more than 1.65 million visitors in the reviewed period, an increase of 22 percent year on year.

Of the figure, foreign arrivals numbered over 411,000, up nearly 33 percent, with those coming from Russia, the Republic of Korea, Australia and the US accounting for a majority. Russia continues to be a major market, with 91,000 visitors, representing a 50 percent from the same period last year.

The province has set its eye on attracting more Russian tourists while tapping into the potential North East Asia market including Japan and the RoK. At the same time, a promotional campaign to lure domestic vacationers has been launched, with the aim of receiving 3.4 million visitors this year, including 840,000 foreign holiday makers.

Meanwhile, Quang Binh province reported a 144 percent rise to 1.8 million visitors in the past six months. The surge was partly attributable to the crowd of pilgrims who travelled to the locality to pay respect to General Vo Nguyen Giap at his resting place in Vung Chua-Dao Yen area. An estimated 750,000 people visited the tomb in the period.

Besides, improved service quality and new tours to unique caves in the province also helped attract more tourists.

The province is well-known for various natural attractions, especially the ‘Kingdom of Caves’, a complex of over 300 caves, found in the Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, which was recognised as a World Natural Heritage Site by the UNESCO last year.

With the opening of Son Doong Cave in 2013, Quang Binh was instantly catapulted onto the bucket lists of travellers around the world.

Recently, the New York Times named Quang Binh as one of the most attractive destinations in Asia and eighth out of the world’s 52 top tourist destinations for 2014.-VNA

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Quang Ninh urged to fully tap its potential — TalkVietnam

Quang Ninh urged to fully tap its potential

Nhan Dan Online – Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai has suggested the northern province of Quang Ninh mobilize domestic and foreign resources to develop a system of planned and modern infrastructure, with a focus on upgrading its transport networks, in order to fully tap its strengths and potential.

Deputy PM Hai gave this instruction while attending and chairing a June 28 conference held in Ha Long city to reform Quang Ninh’s investment promotion and improve the province’s competitiveness.

He praised the great efforts and outstanding achievements made by Quang Ninh authorities and people, affirming that the province possessed every factor for rapid and sustainable growth with its specific advantages in natural conditions and geographic location.

He urged the province to promote socio-economic development in combination with national defence, facilitate administrative procedure reform and develop highly qualified human resources as well as to promote the application of technological and scientific advances and implement drastic measures to remove difficulties for local enterprises.

Quang Ninh was also asked to quickly improve its investment environment and national competitive capacities and actively facilitate international integration, to make effective use of its strengths and potential.

At the conference, the provincial authorities introduced a series of projects calling for investment in transport, technical, tourism and recreation infrastructure. Participants including domestic and foreign managers, investors, enterprises and experts also discussed investment opportunities in Quang Ninh, while proposing policies and solutions to help the province make best use of opportunities brought about by globalization.

On the occasion, Quang Ninh leaders signed several co-operative agreements and memoranda of co-operation with both domestic and overseas businesses, and granted investment licenses to projects worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

(Source: VGP/ Translated by Nhan Dan Online)

Vietnam wins three bronzes at world aerobics event — TalkVietnam

Vietnam wins three bronzes at world aerobics event 

Vietnam won three bronze medals in the age group event at the ongoing World Aerobic Gymnastics Championships and World Age Group competitions from June 23-29 in Cancun, Mexico.

The medals went to Vuong Thua An in the men’s individual (15-17 years), Gia Hien in the men’s individual (12-14 years) and group of five (15-17 years).

Vietnam sent 12 gymnasts to compete in the event which attracted nearly 600 athletes from 42 countries and territories.

Tran Thi Thu Ha and Vu Ba Dong are expected to be among the top performers at the event, after sharing the podium at the World Games in Cali, Colombia, last year.-VNA

Friday, June 27, 2014

President Truong Tan Sang: The Party and State vow to protect national sea and islands sovereignty — TalkVietnam

President Truong Tan Sang: The Party and State vow to protect national sea and islands sovereignty

(VOVworld) -National Assembly deputies in Ho Chi Minh City, led by President Truong Tan Sang, met with representatives from the city’s Fatherland Front Committee and voters after the National Assembly’s 7th session.

President Truong Tan Sang spoke at the meeting (photo:
President Truong Tan Sang spoke at the meeting (photo:
The voters appreciated the chance for positive discussions and their recommendations on many laws closely associated with people’s lives. The voters also voiced their concerns over educational reform, socio-economic issues, the state budget, and national defense.

Responding to people’s concerns regarding the East Sea issue, President Sang repeated Vietnam’s view of treasuring peace and friendship, willing to become a friend of all countries based on equality, mutual benefits and respect. Vietnam is not dependent on any country. Vietnam is determined to follow its own path. The President said every people and sector should unite to strengthen the cause of national sovereign defense. The Party and State are determined to defend the motherland’s sea and islands national sovereignty. Vietnam wants to uphold friendship and equal relations with China for mutual benefit, President Truong Tan Sang said: “Vietnam wants to befriend and trusted partner with the world and is not dependent on any other country. We want peace and have done every thing through peaceful means and diplomatic solutions. National sovereignty is inviolable.”

Huong Ly/ VOV-Ho Chi Minh city

President Truong Tan Sang: The Party and State vow to protect national sea and islands sovereignty — TalkVietnam

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Nigerian man gets 20 years for bringing drugs into VN — TalkVietnam

Nigerian man gets 20 years for bringing drugs into VN

The Ho Chi Minh City People’s Court on Wednesday sentenced a 34-year-old Nigerian man to 20 years in jail for bringing more than 950 grams of synthetic drugs into Vietnam last year.

> Nigerian gets death for drug trafficking in Vietnam>> Filipino receives life sentence for drug trafficking >> Vietnamese drug trafficker gets death>> Chinese sentenced to death for heroin trafficking” />
>> Nigerian gets death for drug trafficking in Vietnam>> Filipino receives life sentence for drug trafficking >> Vietnamese drug trafficker gets death>> Chinese sentenced to death for heroin trafficking
Ezechukwu Emeka Celestine was caught hiding the drugs in his suitcase when he arrived at Tan Son Nhat International Airport on a flight from Nigeria on August 10, 2012.

Customs officers at the airport noticed Celestine acting suspicious, so they decided to re-check his luggage.
Officers than found two plastic bags containing white powder hidden inside the liner of the man’s suitcase. The total weight of the substance was 956.6 grams.

Tests carried out later confirmed the powder was Methamphetamine, a kind of synthetic drug.

During previous questionings by investigators, as well as in court yesterday, Celestine pleaded not guilty to trafficking drugs.

He affirmed that he had not known about the drugs hidden in the suitcase.

Celestine said he was arriving in Vietnam for the first time when he was seized. A few days before the trip, he bought this suitcase for US$300 and took a Qatar Airways flight from Lagos (Nigeria) to HCMC, with a layover in Doha (Qatar).

He insisted that he was a trader and that he had come to Vietnam only to buy garments and bring them back to Nigeria for sale.

However, the court rejected his arguments, confirming that the evidence related to the case was enough to charge Celestine with trafficking drugs.

Last month, a 31-year-old Nigerian man was sentenced by the same court to death for smuggling more than 3.4 kg of synthetic drugs from Qatar to Vietnam in June 2012.

Ejiogu Benjamin Ikechukwu, who arrived at Tan Son Nhat Airport on June 23, 2012, was caught hiding 19 bags of white powder in 16 metal cylinders and a laptop adapter.

Tests conducted later showed that the powder was methamphetamine.

Ikechukwu was arrested and confessed that he was carrying the cylinders and adapter for a man named Onyekachi, who is still at large.

Under Vietnam’s Penal Code, those who are convicted of smuggling more than 2.5 kilograms of methamphetamine will be given a death sentence.

The capital penalty is also applied for those who are indicted for producing or selling 100 grams of heroin or 300 grams of other illegal narcotics

Northern key economic zone to become industrial zone by 2020 — TalkVietnam

Northern key economic zone to become industrial zone by 2020

(VOVworld) – The northern key economic zone will become an industrial zone by 2020. The goal was stated in a master plan on regional socio-economic development published in Hanoi on Wednesday. The northern key economic zone includes 2 sub-regions, the Hanoi capital sub-region and the coastal sub-region.

The master plan targets industrial development integrated with science-technology. Under the plan, centers for research, design, manufacturing, and testing of new products will be built to create high-quality products able to compete with products of developed countries.

The northern key economic zone expects to become an industrial zone by 2020. (Photo: VOV)
The northern key economic zone expects to become an industrial zone by 2020. (Photo: VOV)
Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment Dang Huy Dong said: “The master plan is based on statistics and regional and local development potential. Each city and province faces its own challenges which will have to be overcome to make the plan a success.”

The plan presents recommendations on funding, technology, human resources, markets, products, regional cooperation, small and medium-sized enterprises, and agricultural development. It is expected that the per capita income in the northern key economic zone will reach 5,500 USD per year by 2020

Meeting in Mexico to protest China’s illegal placement of an oilrig in Vietnamese waters — TalkVietnam

Meeting in Mexico to protest China’s illegal placement of an oilrig in Vietnamese waters

(VOVworld) – A meeting took place in front of the Chinese embassy in Mexico on Wednesday to protest China’s placement of an oil rig in Vietnamese waters. The meeting drew the participation of 100 leaders and members of the Mexico-Vietnam Friendship and Cooperation Institute, 8 media organizations, and a number of Mexican political and social organizations. Honorary President of the Mexico-Vietnam Friendship and Cooperation Institute, former Congressman Felix Castellanos read a statement condemning China’s actions, which seriously violated Vietnam’s sovereignty, sovereign rights, and jurisdiction. The statement called for peace and unconditional respect for the sovereignty of all nations.


The Institute urged Chinese leaders to respect the agreements signed with Vietnam and international organizations, particularly commitments to settle differences through peaceful means. It also called on the Chinese government to withdraw the rig and all escort ships from Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone and continental shelf and end any acts of ramming to reduce tensions in the region. The statement asked the Mexican government and Foreign Minister Jose Antonio Meade to send a diplomatic note to the Chinese government with an appeal for peace in the region. It called on Mexico’s civil society to join the campaign for peace and sovereignty of Vietnam, which was initiated by the Mexico-Vietnam Friendship and Cooperation Institute.

The statement has been sent to the Chinese embassy in Mexico.

Foreign investment of US$700 million pours into property market — TalkVietnam

Foreign investment of US$700 million pours into property market

(VOV) – Newly registered foreign investment surpassed US$692.3 million in the first half of the year, an astonishing jump of US$270 million over the comparable period last year, according to the Foreign Investment Agency (FIA).

The FIA reports the industrial processing and manufacturing sectors attracted the lion’s share of investment capital with 326 new projects with additionally increased capital of US$4.8 billion, comprising 70.2% of the total foreign investment registered in the nation for the six month period.

The construction sector ranked second with combined newly registered and supplementary capital of US$465.4 million.

Cumulatively, as of the end of the June 2014 reporting period, total foreign direct investment in the nation stood at US$6.85 billion, of which US$5.75 billion has been disbursed.

Foreign-invested businesses have invested in 43 cities and provinces nationwide in the first six months of the year. Ho Chi Minh City led the pack, attracting US$886.3 million in FDI.

Currently, 41 countries and territories are investing in Vietnam. The Republic of Korea tops the list at US$1.55 billion, making up 22.6% of total investment into Vietnam, followed by Hong Kong (China) and Japan

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Vietnam Women's Museum

Vietnam Women’s Museum, an exciting place in Hanoi
"Top destination", "A museum to see", "This is also interesting for men", "An honest museum".... These are comments foreign visitors made after visiting the Vietnam Women’s Museum in Hanoi. It is a beautiful museum that highlights Vietnamese women’s image. Radio the Voice of Vietnam reports.

Vietnam Women’s Museum

The Vietnam Women’s Museum is located on Ly Thuong Kiet street, 500m from Hanoi’s Old Quarters. Founded in 1987, the museum is known as the Gender Museum, which researches, preserves and displays tangible and intangible cultural heritages of Vietnamese women as well as the Vietnam Women’s Union.
It is also a cultural center for Vietnamese and foreign women to exchange cultural activities for equality, development and peace of women.
Covering 2000 square meters, the museum has nearly 25,000 documents and objects reflecting Vietnamese women’s contributions to history and contemporary life.
The museum in a 4-storey building is arranged like a history book, where visitors can enjoy the exhibits like turning pages of a history book.
Tran Thu Huyen, a guide of the museum said: “Each floor is a chapter of the book with vivid images, documents, and diverse objects, through which visitors can better understand Vietnamese women."
In the museum’s lobby on the first floor, visitors are memorised by the statue called "Vietnamese mother ". This statue won the first prize in a sculpture competition organised by the Museum and the Fine Arts Association of Ho Chi Minh City in 1995.
Huyen said: "The statue represents a Vietnamese mother carrying her son on her shoulders. The mother seems to be trying to protect her child from difficulties and dangers. Sculpted by Nguyen Phu Cuong, the statue shows the beauty and strength of Vietnamese women."
The second floor is devoted to permanent exhibitions featuring different topics: marriage, child birth, and family life, and female figures in history, fashion, cosmetics and jewelry.
Huyen says:“The first theme of the permanent exhibit here is women in the family. The exhibits are arranged in a story-telling way, which is about a Vietnamese woman’s life from her adulthood to marriage, becoming a wife and a mother. This part is divided into three main themes: marriage, child birth and family life”.
The 3rd floor reflects Vietnamese women’s contributions to and sacrifices for national independence. Moving images depicting the torture, interrogation and imprisonment that Vietnamese women suffered during the war show us their courage and indomitable spirit.
Huyen says that this is the most popular part of the museum, especially for foreigners. The visitors are also interested in the exhibition of activities of the Vietnam Women's Union, memories and gifts from our friends around the world.
On the top floor is an exhibit of traditional Vietnamese costumes throughout history. Tom Watt, an Austrian visitor said that he was captivated by the beauty of the traditional clothes presented, which are old and different from those of today.
There are also clothes of women from different ethnic minority groups in Vietnam. These costumes reflect the skill and sophistication of Vietnamese women in dressing.
To better entertain visitors, the museum has modern facilities allowing visitors to learn more about the lives of Vietnamese women. Audio guides are also available in some exhibit rooms.
Elected by the travel website TripAdvisor as the most exciting place in Hanoi from over 80 attractions in Hanoi for two consecutive years, 2012 and 2013, the Vietnam Women’s Museum is a good place for those who want to learn more about Vietnam, its culture and people.
Source: VNA

Monday, March 31, 2014

Vietnam Airlines to join Vietnam Int’l Travel Mart — TalkVietnam

National flag carrier, Vietnam Airlines, has announced its continued participation in this year’s upcoming – Vietnam International Travel Mart (VITM) – set to take place in Hanoi from April 3-6.

At the event, Vietnam Airlines will be launching a variety of special offers and deals on ticket prices at highly discounted fares and introducing tour packages for the summer of 2014 in addition to staging some highly entertaining game shows.

Along with these activities to promote its products, a seminar to provide travel agencies with updated and useful information on the airlines policies, air routes and ancillary tourism products will be held

Vietnam Airlines to join Vietnam Int’l Travel Mart — TalkVietnam

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Thai protesters restart anti-gov’t operation — TalkVietnam

Thousands of Thai anti-government protesters flooded streets in the capital Bangkok on March 29 to force Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra to step down.

This was the first mass rally staged since protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban announced in late February to end a weeks-long operation that paralyzed the capital, known as ” Bangkok shutdown.”

Protesters started marching from their main rally site at the Lumpini Park to the Royal Plaza . They reiterated their request for the government to transfer power to an appointed provisional council, which will put forth anti-corruption reforms.

Thai protesters restart anti-gov’t operation — TalkVietnam

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

HCM City to host TELEFILM 2014 — TalkVietnam

The Vietnam International Exhibition on Film and Television Technology (Telefilm 2014) is coming to Ho Chi Minh City on June 5-7.

The annual event, organised by Vietnam Television, aims to introduce TV programs, advertising services, latest equipment and solutions.

Domestic and foreign broadcasters and service providers will showcase state-of-the-art technology, products and services, and meet and network with thousands of visitors and hundreds of other participating companies.

The event provides a good chance for Vietnamese broadcasters and service providers to explore modern technology and equipment from global partners.

There will be seminars on TV, film and advertisement film production, and exchanges between leaders of State management agencies and businesses.

HCM City to host TELEFILM 2014 — TalkVietnam

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Northern crafts village named country’s oldest — Talk Vietnam

A village in northern Vietnam recently won the Vietnamese record as the country’s oldest crafts village which remains in operation.

Also known as Ha Dong silk village, Van Phuc silk village, located in Ha Dong district, some 10 km from downtown Hanoi, recently earned the record from the Vietnam Records Organization (Vietkings).
Also known as Ha Dong silk village, Van Phuc silk village, located in Ha Dong district, some 10 km from downtown Hanoi, recently earned the record from the Vietnam Records Organization (Vietkings).
The 1,000-year-old village has made the country’s premium silk, which was presented to the kings in the old times.

The silk was also selected to represent Vietnamese crafts at the international fairs in Marseille and Paris in 1931 and 1932 respectively. It was also considered by the French as the Indochina’s premium silk.

Known for its traditional silk weaving techniques, the village’s hallmark Ha Dong silk has long gained a firm foothold on the local market and has also been exported to several other countries.

785 households, or almost 60% of Van Phuc village’s population remain engaged in silk weaving.

Each year, the village produces some 2.5 to 3million m2 of silk, which earn them some VND27 billion (US$1.27 million), or 63% of the village’s revenues.

The village currently boasts more than 1,000 silk weaving machines and employs some 400 seasonal workers from neighboring provinces.

The village is now lined with over 100 silk shops, which offer tourists, particularly foreigners an excellent choice for gifts. The silk can be sewed into stunning “ao dai” (traditional Vietnamese long gowns) or other costumes.

The Van Phuc silk has earned the “Thang Long gold trademark” from 2011 to 2013.

The village is also chosen by the Hanoi People’s Council among the capital’s seven hallmark crafts villages to be preserved.

Traditional crafts in a number of villages across Vietnam have now faced “extinction” due to the shrinking market

Northern crafts village named country’s oldest — Talk Vietnam

Hue preparing for Festival 2014 — TalkVietnam

The Hanoitimes – The organisers of Hue Festival 2014 has announced the ticket prices for various events which will start from April 12.


Tickets for the opening ceremony held at Ngo Mon Gate on April 12 cost VND300,000 (USD14) and the closing ceremony at Gia Hoi Park on April 20 at VND200,000. The Ao dai (traditional long dress) pageant on the nights of April 14 and 17 will be charged at VND300,000, while the art shows at Dai Noi (Hue Imperial Citadel) and An Dinh Palace have a same price of VND100,000.

Meanwhile, visitors will have to pay VND2 million to join the Dem Hoang Cung (Royal Night) with a banquet.

The International Food Festival will also be held from April 15-19 at Phu Xuan Park. Phan Tien Dung, head of the local Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, said over 100 booths will be set up, offering dishes from various countries such as Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, South Korea and China.

There will also be many free shows performed by domestic and international artists from 35 countries. The authorities of Hue City hope to attract 200,000 tourists to the festival which was created based on the theme “Cultural Heritage with Integration and Development

Hue preparing for Festival 2014 — TalkVietnam