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May 17, 2012
Exhibition marks President Ho’s birthday
An exhibition on President Ho Chi Minh opened in the northern province of Thai Nguyen on May 14 to mark the President’s 122nd birthday (May 19, 1890-2012) and the 65th anniversary of the President’s arrival at the Thai Nguyen safe zone to lead the resistance war against the French colonists.
Visitors at the exhibition.  (Photo: 
The exhibition contains more than 2,000 publications, including articles written by Uncle Ho when he lived and worked at the safe zone, writings honouring the President by Vietnamese and international scholars, submissions to the ‘Study and Follow President Ho Chi Minh’s Moral Example’ campaign, as well as writings on Party and State leaders and acclaimed army commanders.
The exhibition also focuses on the land and people of Thai Nguyen province, agriculture, farmers and rural areas and includes entries responding to the ‘The whole country joins hands to build a new rural lifestyle’ movement.
The exhibition provides readers, writers and researchers with treasured documents on the value of the country’s revolutionary movement, national traditions and the President’s ideology.
The exhibition will run until May 20.

Another book on late President launched

The Vietnamese edition of a book on Ho Chi Minh by Thai social activist Suprida Phanomjong was launched in Hanoi on May 15.
As part of activities to mark the 122nd anniversary of the birthday of President Ho Chi Minh, the event was jointly organised by the Party Central Committee’s Communication and Education Commission, National Politics Publishing House and Ho Chi Minh Museum.
With 190 pages and 16 parts, the book reflects the life and career of President Ho Chi Minh, who devoted his whole life to the fight for national liberation and for peace, solidarity, friendship and cooperation among nations.
The publication is also expected to help raise public awareness of Ho Chi Minh Thought and his moral examples, thus contributing to the “Studying and Following Ho Chi Minh’s Moral Example” campaign.
Film shines spotlight on clean water
A Thirsty World, a new film by French photographer and filmmaker Yann Arthus-Bertrand, will be screened tonight in Ha Noi as part of the 6th World Water Forum.
It aims to raise public awareness of the major international challenge posed by the growing shortage of clean water. The film will screen at L’Espace, the French Cultural Centre, at 24 Trang Tien Street, at 6pm. Admission is free.
Quynh Gallery to join in Hong Kong fair
Ha Noi’s Quynh Gallery will participate in the Hong Kong International Art Fair tomorrow at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, presenting new works by young Vietnamese artists, including Hoang Duong Cam, Nguyen Manh Hung, Lien Truong and the group The Propeller. The fair has attracted 266 galleries from more than 30 countries.
Cai luong shows to promote culture
Khoang Troi Phuong Nam (Southern Sky), the first performance of the cai luong (renovated opera) rendezvous, will take place on Friday at Thanh Cong Palace at 22 Thanh Cong Street in Ha Noi. The rendezvous has been organised by the Viet Nam Cai Luong Theatre, and performances will continue every Saturday with the aim to make the southern art of cai luong more popular in Ha Noi.
Farmer unearths 2,000-year-old tomb
A farmer in Hung Yen province discovered a tomb believed to be a vestige of the Dong Son culture and estimated to be about 2,000 years old.
Farmer Nguyen Hoang Tay said the tomb was in the shape of a hollowed-out tree trunk, about 2.5m long and 4.5m wide and contained a human skeleton along with seven bronze lances, three bronze axes, a bronze bowl and five flints used for making fire.
New book marks President Ho’s birthday
The Viet Nam National Political Publishing House has published a new book on President Ho Chi Minh to celebrate his 122nd birthday on May 19.
The 200-page book, entitled Ho Chi Minh Ong Tien Song Mai (Ho Chi Minh: The Immortal Fairy), was written by Thai writer and activist Suprida Phanomjong and translated into Vietnamese by Nguyen Thanh Hoan and Nguyen Thi Thuy Chau.
Phanomjong was touched to see how the Vietnamese people worshipped the President, who also had a strong attachment to Thailand. He established a Vietnamese village in 1928-29 in the north-eastern part of the country.
Vietnamese director introduces unfinished movie at Cannes
Director Nguyen Hoang Diep will present a short film entitled Hai, Tu, Sau (Two, Four and Six) at the Cannes film festival.
She said she hoped to find funding to make a movie she is planning entitled Dap Canh Giua Khong Trung (Flapping in The Middle of Nowhere).
Diep, 30, said the project was listed in the Fabrique des Cinemas du Monde category on May 16-25 at the festival, which is designed to help movie directors in developing countries produce their first or second films.
“I chose the name since I want to express the confusion people feel when they are not able to fly high but do not feel safe enough to land. That’s why they keep flapping around in the middle of nowhere,” Diep said.
“Fabrique Cinemas du Monde is definitely a good chance to promote my movie to the world and to find sponsors,” she said.
The short film documents the life of Huyen, who is desperately trying to find money for an abortion. Eventually, a man offers help, but she is reluctant to take his money because he is in love with her.
The Vietnamese movie Canh Ba Ba (Turtle Soup), about two street kids who attempt to rescue a turtle from a restaurant, was among the best films in the 48-hour Film Project in 2011. It will be screened at Cannes this year.
Festival to commemorate Uncle Ho’s birthday
The 2012 Lang Sen (Sen Village) Festival will be held in the late President Ho Chi Minh’s home village of Kim Lien commune, Nam Dan district in central Nghe An province from May 17-19, as part of a range of activities to celebrate his 122nd birthday.
This year’s Lang Sen Festival will include numerous events, such as a ceremony to offer incense, a ceremony to announce Nam
Dan district’s achievements and a traditional music festival.
The Lang Sen Festival is an annual event, held for the first time in 1981.
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