Sunday, February 24, 2013

Thousands flock to Tran Temple Festival — TalkVietnam

Thousands flock to Tran Temple Festival Tens of thousands of people converged on Tran Temple complex in Nam Dinh province on February 23 to attend one of the country’s biggest festivals during the year.
Deputy PM Nguyen ThienNhan is among senior Government officials at the ceremony
Deputy PM Nguyen ThienNhan is among seniorGovernment officials at the ceremony
The complex is dedicated to the 14 Kings of the Tran dynasty that ruled the nation from 1225 to 1400.
Every visitor to the festival is expected to receive a paper seal issued by the organising board in the hope that it will bring them good fortune and prosperity in the new year.
After the incense offering ceremony at 22.00pm, 120 local selected villagers walked in procession carrying 40 seal sedan chairs from Co Trach Temple honouring General Tran Quoc Tuan to Thien Truong Temple where 14 Tran Kings’ plaques are located.
In his speech, the chairman of the Nam Dinh city People’s Committee highlighted the great contributions that the Tran dynastymade to the nation, and declared the start of this year’s seal issuance ceremony.
During the three-day event held annually on the 14th, 15th and 16th days of the first lunar month, various activities are taking place, including lion dances, classical opera performance, chess competitions, martial art performances, and traditionalwrestling competitions.
The annual event aims to educate younger generations about the predecessors’ heroism and encourage them to build a strong and wealthy nation.
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