Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hundreds people split their sides with Laughter, every morning

Hundred people split their sides with laughter every morning
VietNamNet Bridge – Every morning, hundreds of people grouped up behind King Ly Thai To statue, which faces Hoan Kiem Lake, to look at each other and are doubled up with laughter. This scene makes others curious.

Most of them are women who are at least at middle age. They are members of the Laughter Yoga Club, a new physical exercise recently imported into Vietnam from India.

The club’s chairman Le Anh Son (yellow) said that this type of Yoga is developed by an Indian doctor. It combines smiling exercises with Yoga breathing methodology. He added that five-minute practice of laughter yoga consumes energy equivalent to a 30-minute exercise with machines.

Over 100 members of the Laughter Yoga Club practice everyday at 6.15am. Members are requested to laugh cheerfully like kids.

This is a ‘warm-up’ laughter.

Laughter is spreading.

All people cannot control themselves. They all laugh as much as they can,
 without any reason.

Grandmothers look like kids.

Ms. Hoa, 63, who has practiced this form of yoga for over one year, said that thanks to this yoga, she felt better and healthier.

A foreign man

They relax after laughing.

This girl is a little ‘scared’ seeing her mother’s ‘odd’ behaviors. The mother has to explain to her daughter.

After on hour of laughing, they say goodbye to see each other again the
 next morning… to laugh.

Le Anh Dung
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