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Korean website accuses Vietnamese singer of plagiarism | Look At Vietnam

Korean website accuses Vietnamese singer of plagiarism

June 6, 2012
LookAtVietnam – South Korea’s Allkpop website recently reported that Bao Thy, a Vietnamese pop singer, copied the idea of Korean teenage singer HyunA’s “Bubble Pop” clip.

The Korean website points out similar scenes in the two clips.
HyunA’s “Bubble Pop” video clip was released in late 2011 and it is in the first solo album of this 19-year-old singer. This is also among the hottest clips in South Korea last year.
According to Allkpop, Bao Thy plagiarized the idea of “Bubble Pop” in her “Ngay Vang Anh” (Day without You) clip. In this clip, the Vietnamese singer danced with friends around and inside a luxurious car like HyunA in “Bubble Pop.” The two clips are only different with the color of the car.
The popular news website of South Korea also quoted comments by some Vietnamese audience who wrote that watching Bao Thy’s clip, they thought they were watching “Bubble Pop” and “Let’s Not Follow K-Pop.”
Previously, Bao Thy was criticized for imitating “10 Minutes” and “U Go Girl” clips by Korean pop star Lee Hyori.
Bao Thy said that she did not copy the idea from HuynA’s clip and the information on the Korean website came from her antifan.
The singer said there is only one scene in her clip (five girls dance in front of a car) is similar to HyunA’s clip so it is unfair to accuse her of plagiarism.
“When shooting this music video, I and my crew planed to film dancing scenes in the car but the weather was unfavorable, so we could only use the dancing scene in front of the car because it was short in the early morning,” Bao Thy explained.
She added that the color in this clip was changed from blue to pink because the sky was grey so technicians could not use the blue. “If you watch to the end of the clip, you will see two male dancers joined us. The stories between the two clips are different so it is unable to say that I committed plagiarism.”
Bao Thy’s clip
HyunA’s “Bubble Pop” clip
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