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85-year-old man has 4m-long hair | Look At Vietnam

85-year-old man has 4m-long hair

June 6, 2012
LookAtVietnam – Mr. Nguyen Van Chien, 85, in the southern province of Tien Giang has not cut his hair for more than 70 years. His hair is now 4m long and weighs 2 kilos.
Anyone who sees this man is impressed by his hair and his good health. At the age of 85, Chien can read and thread a needle without using glasses. He also does hard work of farmers like cleaving wood, hoes land and doing the garden.
Chien is a Buddhist follower. He built a small temple at home to practice Buddhism over 40 years ago. Since then he has maintained a vegetarian diet all the year round. He takes only one meal a day. His major food is fruits and vegetables from his garden.
Chien said he has good health because he practices Buddhism every day and he seeks happiness from a simple life.
Dan Tri
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