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Solar eclipse to stun country | Look At Vietnam

Solar eclipse to stun country

May 9, 2012
LookAtVietnam – An annular solar eclipse will occur
on May 21 and can be observed in some parts across Việt Nam, according to Dang Vu
Tuan Son, chairman of the Viet Nam Amateur Club of Astronomy.

A shot of annular solar eclipe – Source: Internet
“Citizen in the
capital will be able to see the eclipse between 5.20 – 6.13 5.30 in the
morning. However, people in other parts of the country can only witness the
event after 5.20″, Son said.
He added that it could be
quite difficult to observe due to its fleeting occurrence and smog.

Son also warned that an
annular eclipse was also dangerous to look at directly with the naked eye.
Stargazers must use the pin-hole projection method or solar filters as safety
precautions instead of cameras, binoculars and telescopes.

The Moon’s orbit around
Earth and its orbit around the sun are both elliptical in shape. Therefore,
their distance varies. When the Moon is on the near side of its orbit, it
appears larger than the Sun. If an eclipse occurs at that time, it will be a
total eclipse. However, if an eclipse occurs while the Moon is on the far side
of its orbit, it appears smaller than the Sun and cannot completely cover it,
causing the Sun to look like a ring (annulus), blocking most of its light.

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