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National Assembly deputy wants to resign | Look At Vietnam

National Assembly deputy wants to resign

May 7, 2012
LookAtVietnam – Deputy Dang Thi Hoang Yen expressed her “tiredness” in a resignation to the National Assembly Standing Committee on May 4, one day before this agency met to consider her case.
In the document, Ms. Yen did not mention the direct reason for her resignation but she wrote that she was “tired” of “suffering pressure from the public opinion.” She anticipated that she would face “heaped-up difficulties” but she was “willing to accept” them.
In the two-page document, the deputy expressed her big concerns but at the end of the document, Ms. Yen still committed to “live in responsibility” and to assist “poor but courageous people.”
On May 5, the NA Standing Committee held a caucus to consider dismissal of Deputy Hoang Yen. Ms. Yen did not participate in this meeting.
NA Office’s Chair Nguyen Hanh Phuc said that the dismissal of deputy Yen would be considered at the NA session in late May.
In April, the Fatherland Front Committee of Long An Province and the Central Fatherland Front Committee proposed to remove Deputy Hoang Yen from the legislative body for her incorrect declarations in her curriculum vitae.
As stated in her profile, Yen is a candidate from outside the Communist Party of Vietnam, since she left the area blank on the form for “the date of admission to the Party, if any;” while many sources confirmed that she was a Party member in the past.
She also declared in her profile that her husband was Nguyen Tri Hai, who died in 1989, and did not mention her current husband–Jimmy Tran, from whom she sought a divorce by filing a petition to the Long An Province’s People’s Court in July 2010, but she recently withdrew the petition after the court’s verdict on the divorce case was cancelled by the Supreme People’s Court.
As reported earlier, while the divorce case was being processed, Jimmy, 57, left Vietnam for the US on July 5, 2010. On September 16, the Ministry of Public Security prosecuted Jimmy for “abusing trust to appropriate assets” when he was general director of Vietnam Urban Development Joint Stock Company (Vietnam Land), located in the Tan Duc Industrial park in Long An Province.
At a press conference on April 21 in Long An province, deputy Hoang Yen said that she had sent a petition to the NA and she was willing to accept any decision made by the legislative body.
Deputy Hoang Yen will be only dismissed if at least two thirds of the total deputies approve it.
Ms. Hoang Yen was born in 1959. She graduated from the HCM City Economics University. She worked for 11 years at the District 5 People’s Committee of HCM City (1880-1991). She worked for the HCM City Foreign Trade Development Center in the next two years.
From 1993, she was director of the Tan Dong Phuong Co., Ltd. At the same time, she founded the Tan Tao Industrial Investment JS Company (ITA), which has become a leading industrial park and infrastructure development groups in Vietnam. She has been the chair of ITA since 1996. She was among the top ten richest people on the Vietnamese stock market for three consecutive years (2008-2010).
In May 2011, the Fatherland Front of Long An province recommended Yen as a candidate for the 13th NA election and she won. She is now a member of the NA’s Committee for Culture, Education, Youth and Children.
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