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More on Dr. Phan Xuan Khoi

Save the life of the patient whose more than 5kg fibrouterotoma
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(LD) - 17.4, Dr. Phan Xuan Khoi – Head of obstetric and gynecology Department – VietNam – Cu Ba Hospital (Dong Hoi, Quang Binh) was successful in operating the patient who has more than 5kg fibrouterotoma. The patient was Mrs. Nguyen Thi Khanh (born: 1965, Place lived: Kim Hoa – Tuyen Hoa – Quang Binh).
The patient was brought to the hospital in emergency case (lack of blood, unable to pee). A very big fibrouterotoma chocked the urinary and liver was found through CT-Scan.In Dr.Khoi’s opinion, without the emergency aid, the fibrouterotoma was destroyed, the patient would be dead. It was considered that this was the first operation for the patient who has more than 5kg fibrouterotoma in hospital’s history.

Doctor Phan Xuan Khoi, head of OB department in Vietnam – Cuba – Dong Hoi Hospital was rewarded in the Vietnam Fund of Supporting Technological Creation prize in January with the initiate “A new method of uterofixation in endoscopic surgery of fibrouterotomy and subtotal hysterectomy”.
His health equipment valued 30000VND can deal to the imported machine value 376 million VND
The normal pozzi is bended 120 degree. We put it through in to abdominal cavity through posterior culde-sac and joint it with the fundus uterus, we continue to suture the posterior culde-sac, fix the uterus into the pozzi with these button of silk. So the uterus will be fixed in to the pozzi. From this, we can control the uterus as well as take the morcelator easily. This method reduce the duration of operation, get the morcelator directly without the dividing it into pieces as before, reduces the necessary incision from more than five centimeters to five millimeters.

12 endoscopis cases (6 cases of subtotal hysterectomy, 6 cases of fibrouterotomy) – All of these were made successfully without complications. This normal pozzi is available in Vietnam valued 30.000 can be replaced by the high specialized, modern and synchronous equipments - manipulator and eletomecanic morcelator with very high price (about 400 millions VND, produced in Karl Storz Company).
This method can be applied to overcome the shortage of high-level, specialized equipments in endoscopic surgenry in many hospitals over the country even in central hospitals because it is safe, left a small scale, respect the woman’s physiology, no complications occurs, the high skill is not required.
After the many times watching critical or impossible medical situation due to the lack of operating methods, he is broken – hearted. Thus, he thought of the pozzi forceps to deliver the best service for the patients with the least after –effects. Before archiving the initiative, he was patient to studying the dead bodies many time to alter normal pozzi.
The initiative was evaluated in the Vietnam – France- Asian - pacific Ocean national obstetrics conference ( held by Tu Du hospital) Vietnam to be the practical initiative, suitable to the difficulties in Vietnam health centre due to the lack of modern equipment. The method is safe, the equipment is available, cheap, easy to use and maintain.
Ho Chi Minh City-based Tu Du Hospital Director Nguyen Thi Ngoc Phuong said, “This is really an achievement of intelligence and a valuable and meaningful invention that enhances Vietnam’s medical status.”
Besides, Dr. Khoi is successful in performing a new method “ Ligation of hypogastric arteries, stop bleeding” in Vietnam – CuBa Dong Hoi Hospital to save many patients suffering from heavy bleeding in critical cases.
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