Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Majority of helmet brands will fail crash test

Up to 80 percent of crash helmets sold in Ho Chi Minh City do not meet safety standards, the Vietnam Standard and Consumer Association (Vinastas) said Wednesday.
Vinastas said it had conducted two surveys of 70 brands of crash helmets last month.
The consumer watchdog bought nearly 100 helmets from 10 large retailers around HCMC and sent them to the HCMC Quality Measure Standard Bureau for testing.
The first survey found 70 percent of helmets were substandard, the second survey found 80 percent of helmets failed to meet safety standards.
Vinastas’ first survey also revealed 73 percent of crash helmets with quality control stickers didn’t meet the safety standards.
In the second survey the rate was 83 percent.
The watchdog called on authorities to crack down on helmet manufacturers that produced fake and substandard products.
Vinastas said a better system to manage helmet quality was required.
The compulsory motorbike helmet law, which came into effect on December 15, 2007, states all motorbike riders on all roads must wear a helmet at all times.
ed note: I would like to see the survey on How many are actually wearing the helmets, probably less than 1 percent
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