Sunday, April 27, 2008

China greater threat than Pak to India's security

India-China-Pak-Threat Former Union Minister and Rajya Sabha (Upper House of Indian Parliament) BJP MP Arun Shourie said that China was a greater threat to India than Pakistan.
Although Pakistan was a threat to India`s security, it was manageable, but China posed a bigger threat to the country since it was not manageable, Shourie told reporters after a seminar on 'Are We Safe? Threats to India`s Security' organized by Calcutta Chamber of Commerce in Kolkata, capital of West Bengal state, zeenews portal reported here.
Shourie said China had been entering into countries with 'comprehensive national strength` with long term objectives.
He said that external situation of India was very ominous since the country was surrounded by `failed states`.
Shourie, however, said that since Pakistan was busy with its own problems now, this had given some respite to India as the number of killings had come down significantly in Kashmir.
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