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Careers with the highest incomes in VN — Talk Vietnam

Careers with the highest incomes in VN

VietNamNet Bridge – Pilots, air traffic controllers, and oil and gas officers have some of the highest incomes in Vietnam.


A report released recently by Vietnam Airlines showed that in 2013, the pilots working for the air carrier received VND74.8 million a month. The figure was VND4.5 million lower than 2012 and VND6.7 million than 2013.

However, the salary is still considered “sky high” if compared with other careers, especially civil servants who receive less than VND10 million a month.

While pilots are believed to be workers who have the highest income, air stewards hold the most “admired” job, while stewards are called “sinecurists” because they are not required to have higher education, but still can earn VND18-19 million a month.

Becoming pilots and stewards is the dream of many women under 30 and men under 40.

Labor experts pointed out that the salary paid by air carriers is not the only source of income for stewards. They can also make money with the legal trading of goods across border gates.

The incomes of oil and gas companies’ officers are also high. In 2013, a worker at PetroVietnam, the national oil and gas group, received VND16.2 million a month, the highest pay level among the 17 state-owned economic groups and general corporations.

Air traffic controllers rank third in the list of admired jobs. quoted sources as saying that an air traffic controller can earn VND15 million a month.

However, like pilots and air stewards, air traffic controllers are listed as a “dangerous career” because their operations can affect the lives of many people.

Human resource officers, technical and financial service providers have also seen their incomes increase rapidly in recent years.

In HCM City, sales and marketing are the best-paid jobs. Salary Guide 2014, a report of Adecco, showed that human resource development in Vietnam has potential for higher incomes in the future.

In general, the salaries paid to chief officers are much higher than that paid to the normal workers in the same business field.

A report from the Vietnam National Tourism Administration (VNAT) showed that a foreign CEO working for high-end hotels in Vietnam can receive $10,000-15,000 a month, or VND210-320 million. It is estimated that there are some 5,000 3-5-star hotels in Vietnam.

In the banking sector, the CEOs of the top 10 joint-stock banks can earn up to $1 million a year on average, or VND21 billion. The CEOs of some big banks earn VND4.8-7 billion a year, while other high-ranking bankers earn VND2 billion a year on average.

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Careers with the highest incomes in VN — Talk Vietnam
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