Friday, March 29, 2013

The Rise of a Young City

After 15 years of operation, especially in the last five years, Phu Ly City has enjoyed significant growth. No longer an agricultural township or simply a stopover on National Road 1A, Phu Ly City now presents the face of a modern township. It has synchronously constructed and upgraded infrastructure, particularly traffic, water supply and drainage, waste and waste-water treatment systems, green parks and public utilities.
The nucleus is the riverside township surrounded by eight blueprint urban and ecological zones. From this skeleton, trade centers and hotels are being built up to make changes to the city. Roads are newly built or upgraded to create open living space for residents and laying the foundation for the rapid development of the city. The city government is determined to use urban development to create the fulcrum to attract investment for social and economic development.
Focused urban infrastructure development
Since its re-establishment in 1997, Phu Ly City has carried out master plans and detailed plans to build and upgrade synchronous infrastructure systems, thus giving a facelift to the fast-developing provincial capital. The city is making powerful steps to become a second-grade urban zone in 2018.
With detailed plans, the face of Phu Ly is changing with new townhouses, high-rise buildings and upscale apartment blocks. The modern, civilised city is situated on National Highway 1A, the North – South Railway, and the confluence of the Day, Chau Giang and Nhue Rivers.
The city’s infrastructure is being upgraded and the transportation system is heavily invested. At present, the city has 119.7 km of roads, of which 83.5 per cent are permanently concreted or asphalted, and there are no earth roads. The downtown has 31 arterial roads, totalling 70.1 km in length. Phu Ly City is investing to build North – South and East – West trunk roads, Ring Road 1, centreline road connecting Lam Ha urban zone, and two bridges crossing the Day River. Well-connected links between townships and industrial parks with National Road 1A, 21A and Cau Gie – Ninh Binh Motorway will be primary factors in the formation of a seamless traffic network.
With confluence of the three rivers, Phu Ly City has many plans and policies for continued infrastructure development investment to serve trade and tourism development, including Nam Tran Hung Dao urban zone, Nam Chau Giang – Bac Chau Giang urban zone, and Phu Van ecological zone. The most notable project of the city is the combined construction of Chau Giang embankment and urban zone. This commercial – service zone has many modern high-rise buildings. The highest is a 25-storey condominium and office building. This downtown area is a highlight of the city’s integration and modernity.
In the following years, to reach a new high, Phu Ly City has implemented the Prime Minister’s Decision 1226/QD-TTg dated July 22, 2011 approving the Ha Nam provincial socioeconomic development master plan to 2020. The formation of new residential wards and the expansion of administrative boundaries will lay the groundwork for Phu Ly to become a second-grade urban zone by 2018.
Prioritised investment for infrastructure and services
Since re-establishment 15 years ago, Phu Ly City has positively changed. The people of Ha Nam province in general and of Phu Ly City in particular are proud of what the city is today. Annual economic growth averages 19.69 per cent from 2005 to 2010, and GDP per capita reached VND35.5 million in 2011.
Apart from preferential policies and investment incentives stipulated by law, the central government and the provincial government, investors will be provided most favourable conditions on issues like the legal environment, investmentincentive policies, administrative procedures, land, buildings, infrastructure, transportation, human resource training, hygienic and environmental guarantee,social security and order to attract all resources to make Phu Ly more civilized and prosperous.
Aiming to become a second-grade urban zone by 2018, the young city is changing every day. However, with a low starting point, limited internal forces of the economy in the midst of huge demand that adheres to approved planning, the cityis seeking investors, especially for infrastructure, trade, service, education – training and health care.
Trong Tinh

The Rise of a Young City: After 15 years of operation, especially in the last five years, Phu Ly City has enjoyed significant growth. No longer an agricultural township or simply a...
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