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Sex clip in doubt

The public get indignant with sex clip distribution
VietNamNet Bridge - After a series of video clips featuring fights among schoolgirls, the online community has been surprised by sex clips of schoolgirls. This once again sounds the bell of disillusion of the indulgent lifestyle of a small part of the youth today.


On November 30 this year, the police of the northern port city of Haiphong announced to identify the couple in the sex clip that was posted on the Internet in late November.

The woman in the clip is determined as a 21-year-old girl in Kien Thuy district, Hai Phong. The girl graduated from the high school and did not have a job yet. The man in the clip is also 21 years old and also from Kien Thuy district. He is a student of a vocational high school in Hanoi.

Kien Thuy District Police questioned the couple for investigation. The two admitted themselves as the characters in the sex video.

They said they used to be classmates and loved each other. Both wanted to shoot the sex clip to celebrate their love. The clip was filmed by a mobile phone in the middle of June 2012, in the toilet on the second floor at the girl’s home.

The girl and her family sent a denunciation to the police of Kien Thuy District, claiming her privacy was being abused.

The boy said that someone stole the clip from his phone to post on the internet, adversely affecting the image of the couple.

Earlier, on October 10, 2012, Nguyen Thi Minh Khai High School in Mo Cay Nam district, Ben Tre province confirmed that its five students involved in a sex video that had caused a stir on the Internet.

The school expelled two students for a year, including the male student in the sex clip and a student who made the clip.

The school also expelled the female student in this clip for a week. The two students who watched the clip on the phone of the student who made the video and then gave it to other students had to serve a warning.

Earlier, on September 5, five students related to the case drank beer after the opening ceremony. After that two students had sex and was sneakily filmed by a schoolboy, who then showed the clip to two other students.

The clip was then transferred to two other students of Ca Van Thinh high school in Mo Cay Nam district. One of the two students, a 12th grader, posted it on the Internet, caused a stir in the public opinion.

Also recently, the online community was stirred when a sex video of a couple, given as students of a university in the Central Region was leaked. The 30-minute clip made viewers "shock" because of the boldness of the characters.

The incident once again sounds the bell of disillusion of the indulgent lifestyle of a small part of the youth today.

There are many other cases occurred this year.

Le Trong Hung, 17, in Ha Dong district, Hanoi had relationship with two 10th graders named Hue and Lan at the same time. Hung used to study in the same school with them but he dropped out.

Hue was jealous. She gave Hung her cell phone and asked him to videotape his sexual relations with Lan to spread to take revenge against Lan.

On April 11, Hung and Lan dated in a hostel and had sex. Hung filmed their sexual intercourse scenes and gave the 7-minute clip to Hue.  This girl then sent the clip to a number of fellow students and spread to other schools. The case quickly spread and was discovered shortly thereafter.

Ha Dong district police summoned Hung and Hue for investigation. Hung admitted to be more in love with Hue so he agreed to videotape his sexual relations with Lan and gave the clip to Hue.

Fortunately, the police quickly prevented the wide spread of the sex video.

In mid-October, a sensitive clip spread fast. The main character in the clip is said to be a 10th grader of a high school in Cau Giay district, Hanoi.

However, soon after netizens "vindicated" the reputation of Hanoi’s schoolgirls. She found out that the clip came from abroad, not Vietnam.

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