Friday, September 7, 2012

Vietnamese bargain away mobile phones, looking forward for iPhones 5

Vietnamese bargain away mobile phones, looking forward for iPhone 5
VietNamNet Bridge – A lot of Vietnamese people have been trying to sell the smart phones they are using to buy iPhone 5, which would hit the market in September. Therefore, a lot of smart phone models have become surprisingly cheap.
It is highly possible that Apple would use the name “iPhone 5” for its sixth-generation iPhone model. iPhone 5 is really a beautiful name, which is believed to be more favorite than “The New iPhone.”

As for oriental countries, including Vietnam, “four” is not a lucky numeral, while “five” is really a very lucky number because it relates to the five basic elements in the oriental philosophy and symbolizes the upper class.

Analysts believe that Apple would install a lot of special features for iPhone 5 – the first smart phone model in the post-Steve Jobs period. Especially, a director of Foxonn has said iPhone 5 would overshadow Galaxy SIII.

Vietnam, like any other markets, especially favors iPhone series. It is really a big market for iPhone products also because of the habit of Vietnamese high income earners who regularly change their smart phones. They would throw away the phones they are using to buy the next-generation products, even though the products in use are also very good with many outstanding features.

At present, iPhone 4S, HTC One X, Galaxy SIII and Lumia 900 are considered the most expensive products thanks to their diversified features.

iPhone 4S distributed by FPT now has the quoted sale price at 17.4 million dong, which is believed to be “overly high,” if noting that it is going to be a “previous-generation product.”

Meanwhile, private run hi-tech shops are selling iPhone 4S at 14.5 million dong only. However, despite the price reductions, iPhone 4S have been selling slowly on the days before the launching of the next generation iPhone.

A salesman of a shop on Ba Trieu Street admitted that it is very difficult to sell iPhone 4S in August, because consumers are now looking forward for iPhone 5.

“We wish that iPhone 5 would hit the market soon to stop the “wait-period” of clients. They would flock to our shop when they can see iPhone 5 with their eyes,” he said.

Since people expect iPhone 5, other super products have become less “glitter” in the eyes of consumers. HTC One X and Galaxy SIII, which are believed to belong to the same upper class, for example, have seen the prices decreasing.

The Gioi Di Dong, the biggest distribution chain, is now selling Galaxy SIII at 15.8 million dong and HTC One X at 15.2 million dong. Meanwhile, Nhat Cuong, a private shop, has announced the price reductions to 14.3 and 13.5 million dong.

However, despite the price reductions, the demand for the smart phone models remains weak.

“We expect the new sale season which would come in September, when students enter the new academic year,” Pham Thai, the manager of a mobile phone shop said.

“The market is very quiet now. No one would buy brand new products at this moment, when people expect a new super product,” he added.

The second hand product market has become more bustling recently, where used products have been bargained away. The sellers are the high income earners, who would sell their phones at a loss to shift to use other products.

A lot of iOS users want Android, Window Phone products, and vice versa. Especially, many people plan to buy iPhone 5s right after they hit the Vietnamese market.

Source: VTC
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