Friday, August 10, 2012

Vietnam vists to UNESCO site

Some of the guided walks throughout Vietnam can include visits to sites recognized by UNESCO. The word UNESCO is short for United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization. It has many roles but one of them is to identify and promote World Heritage Sites - sites that are of specific interest either culturally or educationally to the world at large.
When walking in Vietnam you can see some of these sites for yourself. While it is possible to explore them on your own it is far better to book a specialized tour with an expert company. Walking in Vietnam is much more enjoyable when you have a knowledgeable tour leader to tell you what makes each UNESCO World Heritage Site so memorable.
Here are some of the unforgettable sites to visit.
Ha Long Bay
A captivating, haunting and truly beautiful sight, Ha Long Bay is one of the natural additions to UNESCO's list. It is a very popular place to head to on holiday, one of the reasons being the collection of limestone formations that rise out of the bay in various places. This spectacle has taken millions of years to form, and it is quite ghostlike in appearance. Many tiny boats bob around in the waters here, looking almost out of place in an area that has been gradually formed over millennium.
Complex of the Hue Monuments
Hue is a city probably best known for its monuments. These too have been recognized formally by UNESCO as the Complex of Hue Monuments. The main attraction here is the Citadel, from which the Nguyen emperors reigned in times gone by. History says that trespassers into this area were once executed, but today as a World Heritage Site it is available for all to see and enjoy.
My Son Sanctuary
There is a village called Duy Phu in the central region of Vietnam and it is here that My Son can be found. The sanctuary is a collection of Hindu temples and although they are ruined to some extent, enough remain to present an impressive look into the past while on a holiday walking in Vietnam. Built largely in the 4th century AD, this collection of temples stands testament to times gone by.
Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park
This is another natural entry into UNESCO's list. While walking in Vietnam you should definitely head for this national park. The park is famous for its hundreds of grotto and caves and you can enjoy a boat trip along to visit the best-known of them. Eco based tourism trips are also a good bet to enjoy.
As you can see this is only the beginning of your exploration of this area. There are four sensational UNESCO sites included here, but these are not the only ones. How many will you discover?

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