Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Vietnam to Ban imports of secondhand electronics

Vietnam to ban imports of secondhand electronic devices 
Last Updated: Sunday, July 22, 2012 02:00:00
The import of secondhand phones will be banned in September
Vietnam will ban the import of secondhand electronic and telecom devices including mobile phones, laptops and cameras this September, news website VnExpress reported, citing a new regulation.
Many other products such as speakers, printers and hard drives will not be allowed if they have already been used before, according to the regulation announced by the Ministry of Information and Telecommunications last week.
The regulation, however, does not ban factory refurbished products as long as they are properly labelled.
It will also allow local companies to import used products for refurbishing and re-exporting later. These companies have to either dispose of electronic waste generated during the process in according with environmental regulations or ship the waste together with the refurbished devices.
Old products sent overseas for repair are not subject to the new rule.
The ministry also said traders in electronic devices will have to report their imports and inventory annually.
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