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Top showbiz girls backed by benefactors Miss Vietnam

Top showbiz girls backed by benefactors
Posted: 04 Jul 2012 10:07 AM PDT
Behind every model and pageant queen’s success is the huge contributions made by the promoters and fierce competition to the top.

Miss Vietnam 2010 runner-up Hoang My.
Most of the promoters are male but they have real talents in furthering their clients.
In business, the girls and promoters sometimes agreed on specific 50-50 profit share or 70-30. But sometimes they don’t have a rate but instead an agreement to let promoters become their manager once the girl succeeds.
If the girl doesn’t have a good education, the promoter will sign her up immediately into some foreign named school in Vietnam.
The promoter takes care of everything from asking for favours for their charge to hiring necessary personnel, and interview skills. The promoter even goes out and buys underwear and does the needlework if need.
Therefore, competition between promoters is also harsh. Some promoters will write anonymous denunciations letters or spread unfounded rumours.

Models Ngoc Trinh and Ngoc Thach saw success with promoter Khac Tiep.
That’s a reasons why the organisation board of Miss Vietnam had to verify Luu Bao Anh and Trinh Chan Tran education and family background before final night.
An overseas Vietnamese beauty returned to Vietnam to join Miss World Vietnamese had cried because a promoter had tricked her out of her prize money.
One of the most powerful promoters is designer Viet Hung, and although he would never admit to being a promoter, his contribution to the success of Miss Vietnam 2006 Mai Phuong Thuy for three years is undeniable.
He turned Thuy from a naive girl into Miss Vietnam. Most of Thuy’s interview answers were gone through by Hung before he parted ways with her.

Make up artist Phan Dung a favourite of many beauties.
Different from the peaceful parting of Thuy and Hung, the relationship between promoter Phuc Nguyen and Miss Vietnam runner up 2010 Hoang My ended badly.
Phuc Nguyen accused Hoang My of being ungrateful when she did not spend 30% of the money on charity like she promised. My also raised her remuneration from USD200 to 500 a few days after receiving the runner up title.
In response, My said Phuc Nguyen did not invest in her two years but only five months. She did bring the money for Phuc Nguyen but he refused to meet her. My further accused Nguyen of wanting her take a photoshoot with model Ngoc Tinh to create a ’love scandal’.
Make up artist Minh Hoang also told his own story with Miss Sea 2010 Lam Thu Hang. At first he only accepted to do make up for Hang on the final night but she called and told him about her lonesome and he decided to help her in the competition.

Miss Sea 2010 Lam Thu Hang.
“I told her I’ll help her if she has such desire to win. We decided that she would take care of my accommodation expenses and I’d take care of her costumes, make up, and press interviews over the ten days.” Hoang said.
However, after Hang made it to Top 5 and gained the Miss Sea title, he accepted the invitation to do make up for Miss Vietnam 2008 Thuy Dung.
“Hang texted me, she said I should take the money from doing Dung’s make up to pay her back the plane tickets and hotels fees. I couldn’t believe that she could change that much.” Hoang shared.
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