Thursday, June 7, 2012

Vietnamese-Chinese navies do joint anti-pirate maneuvers | Look At Vietnam

Vietnamese-Chinese navies do joint anti-pirate maneuvers

June 6, 2012
LookAtVietnam – During a five-day joint patrol, the Vietnamese and Chinese navies will together go the rounds in the joint fishing area and practice an anti-pirate maneuver.
The 13th joint patrol between the navies of Vietnam and China started on the afternoon of June 4.
Vietnamese representatives including flagships HQ 861 and HQ 862 from flotilla 314, Brigade 161 of the High Command of Navy – Region C. Chinese representatives are two missile ships– 752 and 753.
The two sides will jointly patrol and inspect the implementation of the law and fishing activities in the joint fishing area. For the first time, they will also implement an anti-pirate maneuver.
Last June, two Vietnamese naval vessels participated in the joint patrol with Chinese navy and paid a visit to China.
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