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Society voices its defense to the student who filmed at Doi Ngo School | Look At Vietnam

Society voices its defense to the student who filmed at Doi Ngo School

June 15, 2012
LookAtVietnam – While the Ministry of Education and Training has not made
final decision on the punishment of the student who brought camera into exam
room and filmed the students’ and supervisors’ violating behaviors; teachers,
students and legal officers have called on the ministry to reward the student
instead of imposing punishment.
The Doi Ngo High School in Bac Giang province
At present, the student who filmed the scene at the Doi Ngo High School, where
the wrongdoings were made, is still “living in fear”, because he is not sure if
he can pass the high school finals.

However, he may not feel regret for his decision, because a lot of people have
expressed their sympathy with him.

Dr Ngo Tu Lap, a senior lecturer of the Hanoi National University, said that it
is necessary to encourage people to denounce wrongdoings to ensure fair exams
for students.

He said that the student needs to be rewarded for his action, which should be
seen as the way to create opportunities for students to struggle for the school

When reviewing the national exams, the Ministry of Education and Training always
comments that the exams take place in earnest. However, no one in Vietnam
believes the comments and no one thinks that there is no exam cheating.

The problem is that no one speaks out their thought that the exam cheating
occurs everywhere and at any time. As such, the student, who filmed the cheating
scene, needs to be praised for his behavior of denouncing the thing that other
millions of people dare not speak out.

Professor Pham Tat Dong, deputy chair of the Vietnam Society for Study
Encouragement, Professor Van Nhu Cuong, Headmaster of the Luong The Vinh people
founded high school, and former Deputy Minister of Education and Training Tran
Xuan Nhi all have expressed their support to the student.

In the interview given to VietNamNet, Nhi said that the student has no other
choice than bringing camera into the exam room. No one would believe him if he
cannot show the proof. In this case, the student’s merit is bigger than the

Meanwhile, Professor Van Nhu Cuong, while praising the brave behavior of the
student, pointed out that if the student had not filmed the scene, the public
would have never known the real situation at Doi Ngo High School, while the
wrongdoings would fall into oblivion.

Dong has shared the same viewpoint with Cuong, said that if the student is
punished, no one would be brave enough to denounce the wrongdoings any more,
which would harm the national education.

Especially, Lawyer Luong Trong Nghia, deputy chair of the Vietnam Bar
Association, a National Assembly’s deputy, said that the student brought camera
into the exam room not for his benefit and not for a bad purpose. The student
did not use the camera to copy others’ exam papers, but just to record the

Director of the Bac Giang provincial Police Department Tran Dinh Hong said “the
19 year old student only violated the exam regulations, therefore, the police
would not put hard pressure on him.”

The happening in Bac Giang has caught the special attention from the public.
People have, once again, voiced their dissatisfaction about the quality of the
national education.

Nguyen Huong
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