Monday, June 18, 2012

New tourist death riddle in Thailand

New tourist death riddle in Thailand

The mysterious deaths of two Canadian sisters on Phi Phi island in Thailand is baffling local officials.

Thailand's top toxicologists are attempting to determine what caused the mysterious deaths of Canadian sisters Audrey and Noemi Belanger at the Palms Residence on Phi Phi island - one of Thailand"s most popular destinations for young travellers.

''As for the cause of death, it's impossible to know at this stage. There just isn't enough information,'' said a doctor at Krabi hospital, where the sisters were taken.

Canadian Embassy officials have been at Krabi to talk to the authorities about the pathology tests.

Tourists on Phi Phi, quoted by local media, said there have been water and sewerage problems on Phi Phil following a recent monsoon.

The deaths in a small resort hotel last Friday has revived memories of the 2009 deaths on Phi Phi of two young female tourists - one from the United States and the other from Norway.

They were in adjoining hotel rooms and died in baffling circumstances. No cause of death has ever been established.

The island, 90 minutes by ferry from Phuket, has a reputation for tropical night life and binge drinking - and it was recently chosen as the world's top must-see island by TripAdvisor.

Last year in Thailand, there was yet another riddle - the mystery of what killed 23-year-old New Zealand woman Sarah Carter and several other tourists in Chiang Mai and the city's Downtown Inn.

By Ian Jarrett
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