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Man kills his lover, her son by electricity | Look At Vietnam

Man kills his lover, her son by electricity

June 18, 2012
LookAtVietnam – In the early morning of June 16, after assaulting his lover and her son by electricity, a man poured petrol on them and himself and started a fire.
At nearly 4am, residents on Bong Van Dia roard in Binh Chanh district, HCM City, heard shouting for help from a house. When they came, flames were high. The door was locked so local people had to break the door.
Shortly after that, four fire-trucks were sent to the site to extinguish the fire. However the 40sq.m house was burnt down and collapsed. Three burnt victims were brought to Trieu An hospital. However, Ms. Dang Kim Trang, 39, and her lover Ngo Phat Tai, 46, died. The next day, Trang’s son, Le Quoc Vu, 12, was also dead.
Trang’s mother said that Trang had two sons and divorced her husband. Two years ago, she and Tai began living together, with Trang’s son.
According to investigators, Trang and Tai bickered with each other. After that, Tai locked the door and assaulted Trang by electricity. Hearing his mother’s shouting for help, Trang’s son held his mother. Tai pressed the electric wire to the boy. After that, he poured petrol on Trang and her son to burn.
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