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HCM City woman suddenly dies, leaves $50 million | Look At Vietnam

I think I knew this woman.

HCM City woman suddenly dies, leaves $50 million

June 1, 2012
LookAtVietnam – A 65-year-old woman in HCM City died suddenly, leaving VND1 trillion (around $50 million) without a testament, resulted in a dispute between her adopted daughter and her relatives.

Ms. P’s brother at Sacombank on May 30.
This huge amount of money is now at the Saigon Commercial JS Bank (Sacombank).
The woman, named P, dropped dead in early 2011 without a will. She did not have children, only a 22-year-old adopted daughter, who was studying in Germany when she died. Ms. P adopted this girl when she was just born at HCM City’s Hung Vuong Hospital, and the daughter is recognized by the law.
In March 2011, Binh Thanh District Distrainers’ Office conducted inventory of Ms. P’s assets at the witness of the woman’s brothers and sisters, her adopted daughter and local police officers.
Distrainers had to work for nearly a week to check her assets, which include 100 taels of gold, $1 million, diamonds, 17 saving books worth hundreds of million USD. She also owned a lot of land, factories in HCM City and some southern provinces.
The woman not only kept gold, diamonds and money in strongboxes but also hid gold under her desk in her office. She also kept a lot of banknotes with face values of only VND200, VND500, VND1,000 and VND2,000.
The woman’s parents were Chinese, who produced rice vermicelli. They transmitted this trade to their children, including this woman.
At first, the woman produced vermicelli manually. She gradually expanded this trade and built factories. She bought a lot of land in HCM City and neighboring provinces. Her assets kept growing to millions of USD.
According to this woman’s workers, she lived very simply and often did charity in secret.
Ms. P has six brothers and sisters who also produce vermicelli and are rich. One of them currently owns a famous vermicelli brand. Two of them are living in Germany.
Most of Ms. P’s relatives want to keep her assets at bank, not giving to her adopted daughter. They and the Ms. P’s adopted daughter agreed to keep the assets at Sacombank by the end of March 2012. After this day, the adopted daughter wanted to withdraw it but the woman’s relatives did not agree because the conflict was not solved yet. They said that the huge assets were created by the efforts of the entire family, including those in Germany, who contributed money to Ms. P’s business.
The adopted daughter refused to answer any question about the assets. However, according to distrainers’ office, if she inherits the assets, she will donate it to UNICEF Vietnam.
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