Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Financial difficulties force over 1,000 students to leave school | Look At Vietnam

Financial difficulties force over 1,000 students to leave school

June 13, 2012
than 1,160 Vietnamese students had to sacrifice university and college
study due to financial difficulties, according to statistics from the
Ministry of Education and Training (MoET).

The figure makes up 0.12% of the
country’s total number of secondary education students, said the
ministry after surveying 180 universities and colleges.

The survey was carried out at the
instruction of the Prime Minister. The goal is that no student drops out
of school because they are unable to afford tuition fees.

Schools in disadvantaged areas and big
cities see the highest drop-out rate. Most of those who drop out do so
in the first or second year.

MoET asked universities and colleges
to make public their tuition fees during entrance exams. The schools
have also been required to keep the published fees unchanged throughout
the term. There will also be payment extensions, and the option to pay
monthly, as well as new dormitories for students.

Educational institutions have also
been urged to develop procedures to help students get bank loans and
provide guidance on any available support from the State. Individuals
and organization have also been asked to help to set up funds for
scholarships for promising but disadvantaged students.

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