Thursday, May 10, 2012

Vietnam stresses need to reform education | Look At Vietnam

Vietnam stresses need to reform education

May 10, 2012
Ministry of Education and Training announced on May 7 an action
programme for the 2011-2016 period with a focus on education reform.

The programme aims at comprehensively reforming the entire education system based on modern criteria.
As a result, eleven major tasks have
been laid out, including reforming education management, improving the
quality of teachers and education managers; and renovating curriculum
and teacher training methods.

Other tasks include intensifying
scientific research and training, adopting new technology, IT training;
increasing support for education and training in disadvantaged areas and
places which are home to ethnic minority people; and enhancing the
efficiency of international co-operation in education.

By 2015, the country intends to reduce the malnutrition rate among preschool students to less than 10%.
The country will strive to bring
full-day education to 70% of primary students nationwide and bring the
number of tertiary students to 300 per 10,000 residents during the

The number of trained workers is expected to account for 50% of the country’s labor force by 2015.
Tertiary training program mes will also
be reformed in light of the market demand while universities and
colleges will be granted more autonomy in developing their training
program mes.

Under the plan, all university will have to switch to credit-based programmes by 2015.

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