Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tank truck overturned, hundreds loot gasoline (video) | Look At Vietnam

Tank truck overturned, hundreds loot gasoline (video)

May 9, 2012
LookAtVietnam – At noon on May 7, a tank truck carrying 25,000 liters of gasoline from Ha Tinh to Quang Binh in central Vietnam was upturned on National Highway 1A. Gasoline spilled all over the road.
After receiving 25,000l of gasoline at the Vung Ang gasoline warehouse in Ha Tinh province, driver Bui Xuan Cuong, 37, drove the car to Quang Binh province.
When he avoided a car running in the opposite direction on National Highway 1A in Ky Anh district of Ha Tinh province, the driver lost control. The tank truck was overturned and slid for around 30 meters. Gasoline spilled over the road.
Being afraid of explosion, hundreds of local residents took buckets and basins with them to scoop gasoline far from the tank truck. But when police officers used buckets to scoop gasoline from the tank to prevent fire and explosion, local people rushed forward to loot gasoline from the tank, regardless of the prevention of the truck driver and police officers.
Until noon, when gasoline in the tank was nearly exhausted, plus scorching hot, local people left the scene.
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