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New urban areas suffer from summer heat | Look At Vietnam

New urban areas suffer from summer heat

May 6, 2012
LookAtVietnam – The summer heat has suffocated new urban areas, where
there are only reinforced concrete high rise buildings and a little bit of
Thu Hue, an office worker, who lives in Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh new urban area,
said that she did not go out in the last May holiday. Hue and other members of
the family stayed in a small room to avoid the sun and enjoy the fresh air from
the air conditioner.
Hue has foreseen that she would have to pay much more for the electricity bill
this month, but she still has to keep the air conditioner on, because no one can
stand the heat at 40oC. Though Hue’s apartment is located on the top, she cannot
enjoy the fresh wind because of the surrounded buildings which stop winds.
The multi-storey buildings and a little space for verdure are the biggest
problems of many new urban areas in Hanoi. In the biggest new urban area
developed by Vinaconex, the only playing field for children is a concrete ground
in front of the 34-storey building. However, no parent lets their children play
on the ground these days, while old people do not go downstairs to practice
physical exercises.
Thousands of the local residents in the new urban area still cannot see a park
with green trees and a swimming pool which they were promised.
Dao Tuan, a resident of the An Sinh residential quarter in Tu Liem district,
complained that despite the green trees on the two sides of the road, he still
suffers from the electricity cuts which are made regularly once or twice a week.
“I have received a notice about the electricity cut tomorrow, from 8 am to 6 pm.
Luckily, I bring the child to the nursery school, or he would catch disease
because of the terrible heat,” Tuan complained, adding that he is going to buy
an electric rechargeable fan.
Meanwhile, Ngoc Hang, the owner of an apartment in Van Khe residential quarter
in Ha Dong district, complained about the quality of water. She said that the
building management board has to allow local residents to use the water from the
In fact, the residents of the quarter have never used clean water since they
moved here. As a result, they have to buy bottled water for cooking, while the
water provided here just can be used for having a wash.
Minh Hong, who lives in Dinh Cong residential quarter, feels satisfactory about
the living environment here with fresh air and verdure, good services and
infrastructure items. However, these facilities still cannot please her, who
always gets stuck in the traffic jam.
Hong said that she cannot drive car to the office, though it is the best
solution for the hot days, because of the traffic jam. She has to drive
motorbike to the office, while it takes her 30 minutes to travel a short
distance of 5 kilometers. As a result, she has to leave the house either before
7.30 am or after 8.30 am.
The dream about a green urban area
Nguyen Tan Van, Chair of the Vietnamese Architect Association, former Deputy
Minister of Construction, said green urban areas and green architecture is a
growing tendency in the world.
If one cannot prove that his construction work can save 30 percent of energy or
more, he would not be able to implement the work. The principle was set up in
1925 in the US. Meanwhile, in Vietnam, scientists and management agencies are
just encouraging green construction works.
Van said that Vietnamese people need to strive to a smart way of living, so that
they can live in a harmonized and money saving environment which allows saving
land, electricity and water.
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