Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fantastic Bubbles, Hanoi

Fantastic bubbles fascinate children

May 29, 2012
LookAtVietnam – On the evening of May 27, Hanoi’s kids enjoyed the bubble show by the world famous Vietnamese-Canadian artist Fan Yang, at the Hanoi Friendship Palace.
Fan Yang is a Canadian bubble artist. He was born in Vietnam in 1962. He has earned international acclaim as a result of his complex displays of bubble theater.
In addition to performing, he has developed his own bubble solution formulas and equipment to create bubbles. Fan Yang has broken bubble-related world records on numerous occasions.
Yang has a show, the “Gazillion Bubble Show,” in New York City, and has staged it elsewhere, including Las Vegas. His wife, Ana Yang, performs the show in his absence.
Let’s see the performance in pictures:

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