Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Vietnamese photographers exhibit in USA

Vietnamese photographers to exhibit their works in USA

April 24, 2012
LookAtVietnam – Fifty photos depicting Vietnam’s landscapes, people and culture will be displayed at an exhibition titled “Beautiful Vietnam” in Houston, Texas, USA form April 25 to 28.
Nguyen Viet Thanh and Hoang Hai Thinh are called “photo friends” because they were always together during business trips. They also share points of view in photography.
However, at the upcoming photo exhibitions in the US, the two friends will introduce photos of two different trends.
If Viet Thanh’s photos focus on the daily life, Hai Thinh’s works feature landscapes and people as well as culture of Vietnamese people.
Viet Thanh has won many prizes at domestic and international photo contests. This is the fourth time his photos being displayed in the US while it is the first time of Hai Thinh.
Viet Thanh, 42, is an outstanding photo journalist of Vietnam at present. He is working for the Vietnam News newspaper.
Hai Thinh, 49, is well-known as “Hai Keu” on photo forums and social networks. He is a successful businessman in the field of information technology.
Both of them are not trained as photographers. Viet Thanh graduated from the archaeology faculty while Hai Thinh used to be a math teacher.
The two photographers have also published a photo book of the same name “Beautiful Vietnam.”
The exhibition is held at the town hall and the public university of Houston.
Some photos by Hai Thinh and Viet Thanh:

“The morning at a river wharf” by Hai Thinh.
“In the kitchen of a Thai ethnic minority family” by Nguyen Viet Thanh.

“Sunrise on Tam Giang Lagoon” by Viet Thanh.

“Lao Chai – Sapa” by Hai Thinh.

“Respectful” by Hai Thinh.

“Going to the field” by Hai Thinh.

“Dong Ho painting village” by Hai Thinh.

“Evening sun” by Hai Thinh.

“Having a haircut on the street” by Nguyen Viet Thanh.

“Warming in the classroom” by Viet Thanh.

“A boy in Sapa” by Viet Thanh.

“Kids in Moc Chau” by Viet Thanh.

“H’mong girl” by Viet Thanh.

“The morning in Tinh Gia” by Viet Thanh.

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