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Vietnam southern hub prepares for more typhoons  | Look At Vietnam

Vietnam southern hub prepares for more typhoons 

April 14, 2012
Uprooted trees fall onto a taxi cab in Ho Chi Minh City during typhoon Pakhar on the night of April 1.
The Ho Chi Minh City government has ordered for various protective measures to be taken against typhoons, including planting more wind-resistant trees along roads.
Fears about the city’s low preparedness were realized when Typhoon Pakhar hit on the night of April 1, felling around 400 trees.
Faster, more comprehensive weather forecasts to help residents be better prepared are also a key requirement.
The Departments of Construction and Science and Technology were ordered to study new requirements to make buildings safe from typhoons.
HCMC is rarely hit by typhoons, the last severe one being in 1904, which killed around 1,000 people in the city and nearby provinces, according to the National Hydro-meteorological Forecast Center.
Thus, most people were taken by surprise by the first storm to form over the East Sea this year.

Typhoon Pakhar kills 2, destroys numerous houses in Vietnam
City vice chairman Le Minh Tri said at a meeting held to review the damage April 2 that most residents have the misconception that the area is “immune” to natural disasters.
“Many houses and infrastructure facilities in the city cannot withstand such disasters,” he admitted.
The center said global warming is causing more typhoons in the East Sea and expects around seven to hit Vietnam this year instead of the usual one or two.
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