Monday, April 16, 2012

Music Party Hue Festival April 2012

Hue Festival wrapped up by a music party

April 16, 2012
LookAtVietnam – The festival concluded on April 15 by an impressive performance by Vietnamese and international artists.
The 90-minute show opened by a drum performance of the Hue Royal Art Theatre, followed by traditional art performances by Vietnamese and foreign artists from many countries. The show finished by the dance “Goodbye Hue.”
The festival with the theme of “Cultural Heritage with Integration and Development: A Rendezvous of Historical Cities” featured a wide range of events such as art performances, culinary fairs and exhibitions during its nine days (April 7-15).
The arts are a major feature of this year’s Hue Festival, says Mr. Ngo Hoa, head of the organizing board. “Arts have been brought close to the public,” he said. “People are the subject and inspiration of every festival.”
The nine day Hue Festival 2012 drew close to 2.5 million visitors and opened vast opportunities for cultural exchange between Vietnam and several countries, said Mr. Hoa.
The number of foreign visitors increased by 15 percent this year and domestic visitors by 18 percent, compared to last year. The festival has been a great success in many ways, and also in blending the traditional with the modern, Hoa added.
Performing artists of 70 art troupes from 28 countries brought together hundreds of unique shows. Thousands of talented artists, actors and actresses attended the event, creating an amalgam of various cultures.
Hue Festival was first held in 2000 and has since become one of the biggest cultural events of Vietnam, not just in Hue. In addition, the festival serves as an interesting cultural meeting place in the country for cultures of so many countries of the world.
Hue Festival not only promotes Hue City and the north-central coastal region, but also helps consolidate friendship between Vietnam and nations across the globe, Hoa said.
This is an excellent opportunity for people from around the globe to gather and showcase their unique cultural identities, foster ties and join hands in building a peaceful and prosperous world, cutting across multi-cultures, Hoa added.
Besides, hundreds of domestic and foreign companies brought their products to display at the festival venue, helping the province of Thue Thien-Hue to develop both tourism and business.

The closing ceremony opens by a drum show.
Mr. Ngo Hoa, chief organizer, delivers the closing speech.

A royal dance titled “Spring Dance Festival”.

“Beautiful Vietnam”, performed by ’Co La’ group.

“Lotus”, performed by Thuy Van and Trung Hieu.

A traditional Cuban dance, performed by Raices Profundas Cuba.

Artists from the Radunga troupe from Russia.

Indian artists.

A Vietnamese dance.

“The Song of Unification”, performed by Anh Bang.

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