Thursday, April 26, 2012

28-47 Tigers left in Vietnam

Vietnam has less than 50 tigers, says ministry

April 27, 2012
LookAtVietnam – According to the latest report of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MoNRE), Vietnam has between 28-47 tigers in the wild and they are facing high threat of extinction. 
The number of tigers in cages is only 112 and this situation is not proven to be able to support preservation of wild tigers.
To preserve tigers, the MoNRE has drafted a national program on tiger preservation to 2022.
This program aims to protect and develop the community of wild tigers and tigers’ preys in Vietnam, in order to contribute to the goal of doubling the number of tigers in nature in the world by 2022.
Under this plan, management and protection of the forest where is the home to wild tigers will be tightened. Tiger camps will be also under strict supervision.
A system to supervise the community of wild tiger and caged tigers will be set up.
Under the draft, at least one wild tiger conservation area would be set up and the potential locations include Muong Nhe Nature Reserve and the National Parks of Pu Mat, Vu Quang, Chu Mom Ray and Yok Don.
The plan also suggests solutions to prevent and punish acts that violate the rules on preserving tigers’ and tigers’ food sources and illegal trading activities of products from tigers and tigers’ preys.
In Vietnam, tigers are illegally traded because body parts of tigers are used as medicines (tiger bone glue) and souvenirs.
Hanoi police have recently detected several tiger-related cases. On January 9, police caught in the act–a restaurant in Thanh Xuan district processing tiger bone glue. Police seized two tiger skeletons.
Phuong Lan
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