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The New iPads cheaper than expected in Hanoi | Look At Vietnam

The New iPads cheaper than expected in Hanoi

March 20, 2012
LookAtVietnam – The sale prices of the third generation iPad products in
Hanoi are 2.3-2.5 million dong lower than the initial estimates.
Just seven hours after iPads hit the market in Singapore, the first new iPads
appeared in Vietnam which were imported through unofficial channels (the
products were either carried to Vietnam by travelers, or imported from different
sources, not from the genuine manufacturers).
The first shop which had the new iPads for sale was CellphoneS at No. 117 Thai
Ha Street in Hanoi, now selling at 19.3 million dong for 16GB product with 3G,
21.3 million dong for 32GB and 23.5 million dong for 64GB.
The sale prices of iPads quoted by the private shops in Hanoi do not show big
differences. Techland Shop on Hang Khay Street, for example, quotes the price of
18.9 million dong for 16GB, 21 million dong for 32GB and 23.1 million dong for
64GB product.
According to So hoa (digitalization) newspaper, the prices of the new iPad are
“very reasonable” if noting that the first iPad 2 was priced at 30 million dong
when it first appeared on the Vietnamese market.
However, the current prices in Vietnam are still much higher than the original
prices. In Singapore, Apple Store now sells 16GB iPad with 4G at 13.7 million
dong, including tax. In 2011, an iPad 2 was sold at 14.3 million dong, when the
price got stabilized.
Buu dien newspaper has also reported that the sale prices of iPad 3 of between
18.8 and 23 million dong for 4G models are “acceptable” and “not shocking.”
In HCM City, shop stated that it owned the first new 16GB wi-fi
iPad in Vietnam on March 13. The owner of the shop said that the product was
sourced from the US which he bought from a foreigner. The shop owner said on Buu
dien on March 17 that the shop was selling wi-fi products at 13.68 million dong,
15.68 million dong and 17.68 million dong for 16GB, 32GB and 64GB, respectively.
Meanwhile, it has not announced the expected sale prices for 4G models.
Buu dien has also quoted high technology experts as saying that the above prices
are not overly high for a product which is catching the special attention from
the technology community like iPad.
Despite the launching of the next generation iPads on the market, iPad 2 prices
remain unchanged, though analysts predicted before that iPad 2 prices would
plummet once iPad 3 appear.
However, the well-known private shops such as DigiWorld Hanoi, PhoneGee, Nhat
Cuong, TechLand and iShop on March 16 all still quoted the unchanged prices at
12.99 million dong for iPad 2 1GB 3G, and 14.89-15.2 million dong for 32GB 3G
The shop which is believed to offer the lowest sale prices now is, where iPad 2 16GB 3G is selling at 11.99 million dong, iPad 2
32GB 3G at 13.99 million dong and iPad 2 64GB at 15.9 million dong.
However, analysts believe that if the new iPad are imported in big quantity to
Vietnam, the prices of iPad 2 will decrease in two or three weeks.
However, other local newspapers have reported a different situation. Ngoi Sao
online, for example, late last week reported that the iPad 2 prices have dropped
sharply to 9 million dong, or 500,000 dong lower than the price quoted prior to
March 8.
The newspaper quoted high technology product distributors as saying that the
demand for iPad 2 is not big in Vietnam. Those, who wanted iPad 2, bought the
products already, while those who want to buy now, would rather to wait some
more days to get better prices.
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