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“Online hunters” track down cold-blood Facebook user | Look At Vietnam - Vietnam news daily update

“Online hunters” track down cold-blood Facebook user

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LookAtVietnam - Members of many social networks have set up dozens of groups to hunt the person with nickname “Keo mut choi boi” in real life. They went and waited in places like the gym and the college where he was believed to frequent.

Heartless status by “Keo mut choi boi”.
“My group has 20 members. Other groups have similar number of members,” Linh, a member of Voz forum said. “Many other teams are also hunting down Keo mut,” Linh added.
Not only showing their anger on online forums, these “hunters” take action in real life. Based on information about the suspected “Keo mut choi boi” supplied by the online community, “hunters” flocked to these addresses to verify.
“I arrived at the Fitness Center at No. 7 Pham Van Dong at around 2.30pm. Many members of Voz forum were there,” Linh recalled the “hunting process” on November 4.
“Assistants” to “hunters” are thousands of members of a site called “seeking information about keo mut choi boi”, the “association of hunters of keo mut choi boi,” etc.
The wave to track down the cold-blood person has spread from the south to the north. “I’m in Vinh city. I’m ready to catch him if he goes to Nghe An,” one wrote on his facebook. “I’m in District 10, HCM City but I’m willing to join you to find him.”
Meanwhile, some members are raising funds for the victim’s family online.
The latest news, Yen Bai police have summoned Dang Manh Linh, 20, a college student in Thai Nguyen to clarify issues related to the accident. Linh is suspected to be “Keo mut choi boi. The police talked to Hiep and learned that it was Linh who posted such information on Facebook.
The accident happened when two young men riding an Air Blade motorbike hit a man who was walking home on the right sidewalk from Yen Hoa Park on Thanh Cong Street, Nguyen Thai Hoc commune, Yen Bai city. Doan Hiep, 24, was the rider of the bike with Linh sitting in the back. The two did not stop but ran away after the accident. The victim, who was a security guard at a local credit agency was seriously injured and died in hospital one day later.
Commenting about the online community’s act, Deputy Director of Yen Bai Police Department Hoang Van Hoan said: “Extravagant statements on the Internet belong to social ethics. The law will punish law breakers. Spontaneous acts, if breaking the laws, will be punished too.”

“Online hunters” track down cold-blood Facebook user | Look At Vietnam - Vietnam news daily update
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