Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tiger check: OK for the money-24 September, 2009

SYDNEY - The Frequent Flyer Gazette has been scrutinising Tiger Airways following commentary on its website about the merits – or otherwise - of saving a few dollars by flying Tiger.

Overall, Frequent Flyer members’ observations were pretty negative, with comments such as “poor customer service”, “hidden costs”, and “delays” the most prevalent.

One member who was on an evening flight believes that the plane wasn’t cleaned all day and there was a sewerage odour coming from the direction of the toilets.

But to be fair to Tiger, says FF Gazette their basic fares can be very low – especially if you are flying at peak times when the other airlines increase their prices.

So, if you do plan to fly with Tiger, these FF Gazette member-supplied tips address some of the common complaints:

1. Avoid the inconsistent excess luggage charges by travelling with hand luggage only. Make sure it is less than 7 kg

2. Avoid the credit card “convenience fee”, by paying with a Mastercard Debit Card

3. Avoid travelling with Tiger if you have onward connections because delays are not uncommon

4. Get to airport early. Check-in desks close 45 minutes (NOT 30 minutes, as is the usual practice) before departure. This policy is strictly enforced.

As some members commented, Tiger is a budget carrier so you shouldn’t expect first class service. “You get what you pay for, simple as that.”

In reality – and provided you are aware of their shortcomings – they are probably no worse than other low-cost carriers, says FF Gazette

Source: http://frequentflyergazette.com.au

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