Saturday, August 8, 2009

Selling hair to HAIR buyer, Vietnam

The H’Mong girl took the scarf from off her head and sat down on the grass on the river bank. Her hair hung to her waist. The hair buyer started her job coldly. Around ten minutes later, she completed her job.

Hair affairs

There are three couples who induce young girls to sell their hair at Trang Kim market in Quan Ba district, the northern mountainous province of Ha Giang. The price depends on length. The most expensive hair is 600,000 dong.

Hair deals are often completed very quickly because the sellers are in need of money to go shopping. Several hundred thousand dong is a big amount of money for them.

Dan Tri grasped a hair “affair” at the Trang Kim market.

Women surround a couple of hair buyers.

A H’Mong girl hangs her hair for the man to “evaluate”.

They negotiate the price.

The buyer measures the weight of the hair…

… and also the length.

The buyer offers 200,000 for the hair if it is cut at the shoulder.

The hair is cut.

A middle-aged woman also sells her hair.

The remaining hair.

This little amount of money can support a family for one month.

H’Mong people rarely take off their scarves in front of strangers, but…

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