Thursday, August 13, 2009

No sex in Dubai, officials rule-13 August, 2009

A movie sequel of the hit American TV series, ”Sex and the City,” will not be filmed in Dubai after city officials there examined the script, according to local newspapers.

Dubai Studio City, which aims to attract world audio visual media production, said the request was declined on the recommendation of government authorities, The National newspaper reported.

This is not the first time this has happened in Dubai. The first “Sex” movie was banned from being shown in local cinemas.

Explicit sex scenes are always cut from movies shown in Dubai cinemas, despite being rated for adults, while Arabic subtitles tone down the sexual language. DVDs are also censored, and access to Internet sex sites is blocked, according to various reports.

Dubai has a majority foreign population, like most of the United Arab Emirates, where foreigners from various religions represent over 80 percent of inhabitants.

But the emirate that grew to become a regional center for tourism and business vies to show its commitment to Islamic traditions which are strongly revered by its native population.

What’s next? Who knows?

“Leave it to Beaver?”

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