Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Vietnamese sweltering on hot summer days - People's Daily Online

Vietnamese sweltering on hot summer days
It was a Wednesday morning in Vietnamese capital city of Hanoi, but instead of noisy and busy, the city's streets were empty with only a few motorbikes and taxicabs passing through.

High temperature, as high as nearly 40 degrees Celsius, drove most of the city's people away from the streets and confined them to the rooms.

"It takes only five minutes to get all sweaty if you go outside," said Ngoc Quynh, a girl working as an office clerk in Hanoi. "I have not experienced such hot days for one or two summers."

According to the weather forecast, a hot spell is lingering in northern parts of Vietnam. The temperature went as high as 42 degrees Celsius in the past few days.

Hot days make people tired, slow people's pace and hurt office efficiency.

"It is too hot. I don't want to work in the office, and I don' t want to cook at home, "said Ngoc Quynh. "It is very hard to fall asleep at night. I stay awake until two o'clock in the morning, all sweaty."

People are responding differently to hot weather. Men complain more than women, and the children suffer most.

In the Hanoi-based National Hospital of Pediatrics, nearly 2,000 children were received within one day on Tuesday. They came with heat stroke or flu.

Doctors at the hospital said children were vulnerable to hot weather, and change of temperature between the air-conditioned room and outside.

Hanoi people spent a whole day waiting for the evening to come. When the night fell, they embraced the happiest time of the day.

Local residents, after being confined indoor for the whole day, came out of their houses and rode motorbikes circling around the city for a breath of fresh air.

In a large square near the city's My Dinh Stadium, many people gathered here in the evening for fun and they wouldn't go home until midnight.

Business booming on hot days

As people don't want to go outside, delivery service becomes hot with the hot weather.

Van Anh did not go home as usual when she finished her office work on Tuesday noon. It was hot and her home was experiencing power cut. Van Anh stayed in the office and asked for fast-food delivery service.

The swimming pools in Hanoi are receiving more customers. The number of swimmers at Hanoi Westlake Water Park doubled in the past weekend compared with normal weekends, reported local newspaper the Young People. The number will go even higher if the park is able to hold more people.

Air-conditioners, fans and refrigerators are selling briskly. According to a local supermarket for home electronics, it doesn't have enough technician to install the air-conditioners in the after-sales service.
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