Wednesday, June 17, 2009

International tourists unimpressed by Impressive Vietnam-18 June, 2009

ANOI – Media sources in Vietnam say the largest-ever Vietnamese tourism promotion, Impressive Vietnam”, jointly organised by Vietnam Airlines and tourist companies to attract foreign tourists, has failed to deliver.

Saigon Daily reports that after just five months of the nine month promotion, many businesses have withdrawn from the campaign after several shortcomings were revealed.

Operators have complained that they have been unable to arrange tours because Vietnam Airlines, which backed the promotion with discounted fares, has been unable to reveal how many discounted seats they will make available.

Tour companies and travel agents say that they now have to negotiate with VNA to offer discounts on tickets for domestic flights to international customers.

They pointed out that offering discounts for airline tickets to flights from Japan to Vietnam does not do any good, as Japanese travel agents often bring their customers to Vietnam via airlines from their own country.

The operators said tourists would only benefit from the campaign if they paid lower prices for domestic tours thanks to special discounts offered by VNA on domestic flights.

Saigon Daily added, “The campaign does not really work as there is not a common voice among VNA and tourist companies.”

Latest reports indicate a fall of 18 percent in the number of international tourists arriving in Vietnam.
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