Sunday, May 24, 2009

French man to travel around Vietnam on horseback

- Thierry Posty, a French adventurous traveller who has been touring more than 100 countries on horseback, is in Hanoi to prepare for a cross country trip.

“This is the first time I came to Vietnam although I have come to Asia several times,” the 51-year-old traveller said. “I have heard about the Vietnamese land and people and hope that I will better understand about the nation after the journey,” said the French man, a psychologist, who alternates his job and riding journeys.

Thierry began travelling around France at the age of 18 and has ridden more than 65,400km on horseback after over 33 years of globetrotting. “I love nature and want to make friends with people. I want to explore the world in my own way,” he explained.

During these journeys, Thierry brought mainly food and medicine. “Up to three-fourth of my luggage are for my special companion,” he explained. He usually rode 40km each day and only used maps instead of the global positioning system (GPS). “I had to ask between 5-7 people for the direction but it is also my joy,” he said.

Following Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and China will be his next destinations, said the French traveler.


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