Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Vietnamese play goes Off Broadway

HCM CITY — Nguoi Dan Ba Mat Tich (The Missing Woman), written and directed by Vietnamese playwright Nguyen Thi Minh Ngoc will be performed at the West End Theatre in New York from April 2-12.
The first Vietnamese contemporary play invited by the Pan-Asian Repertory Theatre to perform in the US, The Missing Woman focuses on a young couple. The husband is a painter and his wife a talented artist.
After the wife leaves the husband for an unknown reason, the painter through narrative, poetry, music and dance journeys through legendary fables and historical heroines discovering the contributions that Vietnamese women have made for their lovers and their country.
"The play will offer the audience a unique glimpse into the beauty of Viet Nam’s cultural heritage," Tisa Chang, artistic producing director of the play, said.
The 60-minute play will be offered in 12 shows and performed in Vietnamese and English.
Among the performers will be Meritorious Artist Thanh Loc, who acts as the husband, and traditional music artist Hai Phuong, the wife.
"Besides acting as the painter’s wife, I’ll play several pieces of music reflecting the inner feelings of women in Vietnamese history and poetry," Phuong said.
The Pan-Asian Repertory selected The Missing Woman for its interesting theme and its performance style that blends with the world’s contemporary theatre.
The theatre company last year invited China to perform the play Memoirs of a Geisha in the US.
The Missing Woman was performed in HCM City for the first time in 2002 receiving warm applause from audiences. It was also staged at the International Stage Arts Festival in the Philippines in 2003.
Ngoc, who also plays a part in the play, said she hoped The Missing Woman would be staged in universities and colleges in Viet Nam this year.
Ngoc, one of HCM City’s well-known writers and playwrights, now lives in the US and is the author of many stories about Vietnamese women. — VNS
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